A statement from the Baron and Baroness

Greetings to the Barony,

Thomas and I want to reach out to all of you during this troubled time.

First we would like to say that we are taking the Covid-19 outbreak very seriously. We will be working with the seneschal and others in the Barony to make safe and sound decisions for everyone. Thomas and I feel that swift and decisive measures are very appropriate at this time, and will support cancellations as necessary. Please practice safe social distancing.

We would also like to let people know that just because an event is on the calendar, does not necessarily mean we are sure it is going to happen. There is a process to cancelling an event, and we will likely make decisions closer to the scheduled date.

That being said, we are looking forward to using the new online meeting system for council next month and possibly seeing more of you than normal. We invite you all come and stop by for some video-conferencing on council night, and enjoy the ability to avoid literally all traffic and commuting issues. Newcomers to council are warmly welcomed. Drive bys of children and pets would also be lovely. People may also stay online and socialize for a while after meeting.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks. We plan on increasing our online presence and giving people more ways to interact remotely.

Be safe, be sound.

With love,

Raziya & Thomas, LB