The Waytes

The Waytes of Carolingia

Membership in the Waytes is open to all gentlefolk of the SCA who play appropriate instruments and are willing to do gigs with us.

If you are in the SCA, just show up at our rehearsal and you can join in; show up twice and (with prior arrangement) you can get your very own copy of our repertoire.

While we do not audition, we do expect members of the band to keep up, and we do not necessarily take time during rehearsal for members to work out their difficulties with the music.

Appropriate instruments are ones which are either period or close to period instruments, and which are “concert tuned” (when you play what you call a “c”, it needs be what the rest of us call a “c”) to A=440 Hz. Currently, we have recorders (both baroque and period), trombones (very close to sackbutts), violins, viola da gamba, viola, lute, and drums; harp, guitar, crumhorn & ‘cello have all appeared from time to time.

On average, we play one gig every couple of months. We primarily play for dancing, or occasionally perform other works, at SCA events. On rare occassions we do projects in other venues.


The Guild practices on Monday evenings, but the schedule is a little complicated; the Quire generally practices only twice a month, while the Waytes meet almost every week:

  • On most even-numbered Mondays of the month (2nd & 4th), practice is held at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Watertown. Quire practice runs 7-8pm, followed by Waytes practice from 8-9pm. Here are directions to the church.
  • On most odd-numbered Mondays (1st, 3rd, & 5th when it occurs), the Waytes practice at the home of Duke Vissevald & Countess Mara in Dorchester; practice on these nights runs 7:30-9pm.
  • Waytes rehearsals may be cancelled on the 1st Monday of the month, to avoid conflict with the barony’s monthly Great Council (business) meeting.
  • When dance practice is in session — currently weekly for a couple of months each spring & fall — the Waytes occasionally play there; when they do this, their Monday practice of that week is usually cancelled (so this sometimes occurs during a Great Council week). Interested people should check with the Waytes Captain to learn when playing at dance practice will be happening.

This schedule is somewhat subject to change; in particular, if the Quire is preparing for a performance, it may hold extra practices. Schedule changes will be announced in advance to the Guild.

For members of the Waytes:

You can find copies of music, audio files, and other restricted materials by following this link.