Proposed By-Law Amendments, 2018

These are the proposed amendments to the bylaws for this year.

The vote of Great Council will be on July 9th. I encourage everyone to contact the officers and guild heads that represent the activities they
participate in and give their opinion- the members of Great Council work for you, and we need your opinion!



Sections V.A.2.a.i. and V.A.2.a.ii. entirely.
[no change to V.A.1.]

Replace with:

  1. Polling
    1. The polling will be conducted according to East Kingdom Law.
    2. All candidates will be listed on the ballot in alphabetical order by SCA name.
    3. Voting will be conducted by using the instant-runoff method using a multiple-choice ballot.
      Voters will mark their ballots with numbers and may rank as many of the candidates as they like. Then the ballots will be tabulated using a form of the instant-runoff method; to wit:

      1. Each ballot will be counted as one vote for that first-choice candidate.
      2. At the end of the first round, the candidate with the fewest first-choice votes will be eliminated.
      3. If a voter’s first-choice candidate is eliminated, then their next-highest-ranked choice will be used in the next round of counting.
      4. This process will continue until one of the candidates achieves at least 51% of the votes.


    4. Any individual who wishes to express their wishes as to that selection and does not qualify to receive a ballot should write directly to The Crown.