The Candidates

Below are statements from each of the declared candidates, along with brief biographies of their time in the SCA. Please click through to their East Kingdom Wiki pages to learn more about each of them.

Arlyana and Ivan

Greetings unto the populace of Carolingia from Baroness Arlyana van Wyck and Master Ivan Matfeevich Rezanksy!

We humbly submit our names as candidates to serve you as the Baron and Baroness of Carolingia. We both have long histories of participation and service to the SCA and to the residents of the Barony and its Cantons, and look forward to the opportunity to serve you in the upcoming years as the SCA weathers the current pandemic and eventually begins to transition back to in-person events. The Barony has much to offer, many active members, and many successes we would like to recognize. We also have ideas and would like to hear your thoughts on the Barony’s current challenges, and to lead the populace in resolving those issues. These include reengaging with inactive members, attracting newcomers, and ensuring all feel welcome and safe in our lands.

Serving you as Baron and Baroness would be an honor and privilege, and we do not approach this lightly. We hope our collective experiences in and out of the SCA make us well suited to the task, and look forward to engaging with you during the selection process.

Arlyana and Ivan

Arlyana van Wyck[ ] hails from the Netherlands (the low countries.) She has lived and been actively involved with the Barony for over 35 years. In her many years of service, she has been the Minister of the List, Archery Marshall, Thrown Weapons Marshall, Thrown Weapon Champion, and Canton of the Towers Exchequer. She is a Lieutenant in the Carolingian Company of Bowmen and is currently serving the Kingdom as the Northeast Regional Exchequer. She is often seen at events with her camera, documenting and recording the honors and activities of the Kingdom’s many worthy gentles. Her home was (until Covid struck) the frequent site of many Towers and Baronial activities, including weekly archery and thrown weapon practices. She was made a Court Baroness by Edward III and Thyra II for her service to their reign and the Kingdom.

Ivan Matfeevich Rezansky[ ] is an 11th century Rus’ trader, who lived for over 20 years in the Midrealm and Northshield before moving to the East and Carolingia 3 years ago. He was made a member of the Order of the Laurel for his skill at embroidery and knowledge of Russian history and culture. He has long provided service to the society as event steward, Exchequer, MOAS, Chatelaine, and baronial seneschal in Northshield. Since moving to the East, he has served as Seneschal of the Canton of the Towers, and as East Kingdom Social Media Officer.

Deirdre and Aaradyn

Unto the populace of the Barony of Carolingia- Greetings!

Lady Deirdre Grenewode and Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot, hereby announce that it is our honor to stand together as candidates for Baronesses of Carolingia.

We know our complementary experiences can help us support this Barony on its path. We understand and respect the traditions of Carolingia but recognize that traditions should not continue for tradition’s sake alone. We take joy in Carolingia’s many activities, and would like to see them continue to welcome gentles of all stripes. We know that Carolingia has great strengths, but as Baronesses we would seek to foster collaboration with our neighbors to mutual benefit. We celebrate those who are active within the Barony, and look to support our many young families. At the same time we wish to encourage new energy and would reach out to students and young professionals. We would also try to re-engage those who have stepped away for a time.

We would take it as our role to be champions and cheerleaders for our populace within the various communities within our Kingdom, and be a caring ear to the concerns of all our populace. Carolingia is a strong, vibrant, and diverse Barony, and we will do all we can to encourage those traits and to grow together.

Yours sincerely,
Lady Deirdre Grenewode
Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot

Deirdre Grenewode[ ] is a 15th century gentlewoman from England. She was first introduced to the SCA in stories from her parents who were among the founding members of Carolingia. In college she joined the borough of MITGaard at MIT and then a year or so later helped start Greenwood Isle, the borough at Simmons College (now University), and became its first Provost. Over the past two decades Deirdre has participated in Cook’s Guild, Mummer’s performances, Waytes, dancing, archery, fencing, heavy list, and thrown weapons, for which she is also a marshal. Deirdre also met her husband, Baron Symon, at SCA dance practice many years ago. Raising their children in the SCA is a wonderful experience.

Three years ago Deirdre stepped up as seneschal of the Canton of Aschehyrst. After a year of discussions and meetings through which it became clear that the canton wasn’t currently serving a useful function for its populace, Deirdre managed the process of shifting the canton to official dormancy (so it can be reactivated if the local population desires that in the future). At the kingdom level Deirdre has served in the Queen’s Guard and has retained for royalty. Deirdre was also feast head for the 2015 and 2019 Winter Nights East events During non-Covid times, Low Company meetings (period gaming) and thrown weapons are available on a regular schedule at Deirdre and Symon’s home. Deirdre is a Companion of the baronial Orders of the Perseus and the Daystar and of the East Kingdom Order of the Silver Wheel. Deirdre is a protege of Mistress Margreta Gyllensteirna.

Aaradyn Ghyoot[ ], a 14th century noblewoman, has lived and played in three kingdoms – the East, AEthelmearc, and Atlantia, and has served several Baronies in her time in the SCA, both as a herald and an artisan.

She has been a heavy fighter and an archer, and earned her AoA by helping in the kitchens at many Kingdom-level events. At present her interests are scribal, both as an active scribe and as a teacher, and thrown weapons when weather allows the ranges to be open. One of her great loves is heralding, both at Court and on the field, and she can often be found helping with Court in various fashions. She’s been known to take on a combat scribal assignment when the need arises. It’s rare that she doesn’t have her supplies with her. She served as Chatelaine of Carolingia (2015-2019), and is the current principal of the baronial Order of the Moon. When not in Covid times, she attends Low Company whenever possible. During the close-down, she hosted a few Virtual Scribal nights, and continues to support the scribal community through online teaching across the Known World.

She is a Companion of the Carolingian Orders of the Daystar and the Moon, the East Kingdom Orders of the Silver Brooch and the Silver Crescent, and the Order of the Golden Thorn from AEthelmearc. She and her partner, Lord Guinemer, can often be found near the dancing at events as he is a drummer with the Waytes of Carolingia. She is apprenticed to Mistress Eloise of Coulter, pursuing a scribal path.

Fiore and Frithuric

Unto the populace of Carolingia do we, Nobildonna Fiore Leonetta Bardi and Lord Frithuric Ulman, send greetings.

We humbly propose ourselves to you as your next Baron and Baroness.

A polling is such a powerful time for an organization.  It is a time we can reflect on our strengths and our gifts as a group.  A time for us to look forwards towards the future we imagine for ourselves.  It is also a good time to reflect upon our history and our legacy. 

We are honored to enter this process with you and engage with the populace in a different way.  We believe that any person’s view of life in the barony is limited by their experience within it, which means there is much we don’t know about life here and about your experiences.  There are ~500 paid members of the SCA in Carolingia.  We would like to speak with all of you and everyone who is active here that doesn’t hold a membership as well.

By engaging with gentles from the furthest reaches of the Barony and across all of the diverse activities and interests we can come to know what YOUR vision is for the future of Carolingia.  There will be Q&As and opportunities to get to know the candidates as part of this process.  We welcome that debate and the opportunity to share our ideas to enhance life within this vast Barony.  Still, we believe that our ideas are only the tip of the iceberg.  You are engaged in activities and households across the barony in unique ways.  We want to know you and your stories in the weave of Carolingia.  We believe that we will need those stories in order to best serve the entire Barony if we are chosen for the honor.

Al Suo Servizio,
Fiore and Frithuric

Nobildonna Fiore Leonetta Bardi[ ] has played in Carolingia since 2017 (Formerly of the Outlands since 2004). In the East, she is a member of the Order of Moon, the Order of the Daystar, the Order of Silver Crescent, and the Order of the Maunche. She has been Clothier to the Crown. She serves as Chancellor Minor to Carolingia and Guildmistress of the Needleworkers Guild of Carolingia. She is East Kingdom Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences for Rubric and current Sovereign’s Champion of Arts and Sciences. Fiore is an archer and has served as a royal and baronial retainer. Throughout her time in Carolingia she has been dedicated to convening people for social activities and in service, creating dedicated spaces for children of all ages to be engaged, and teaching her arts. During the pandemic, she has taught classes in multiple areas and continued to lead the Needleworkers Guild in a virtual setting. Fiore is apprenticed to a Laurel/Pelican (Maestra Francesca di Pavia – Outlands). She sees herself as a Servant-Artisan — seeking to work in ways that support the SCA, the Kingdom and the Barony while creating beauty wherever she can.

Lord Frithuric Ulman[ ] has been active in the SCA since 1991 having begun his journey in sweat pants and a loaner tabard at Games Tourney in Atlantia’s Shire of Isenfir. He has been best known as a fencer having been a local marshal, an authorizing marshal in two kingdoms, run tournaments at Pennsic for both, and has been a kingdom champion. Frithuric has fought, fenced, shot, and thrown. He has danced, sung, acted, and chronicled. He worked in leather, wood, and metal. He has run events, gambling tables, quests, and a Pas. His decades of Pennsic range from camping in an 1590 Elizabethan enchanted ground to holding a badge from the unofficial Order of Vlads. Frithuric is an inveterate dabbler interested in trying many things and knowing many people.

Our strengths as candidates lie in our relationship to each other and our ways of thinking. We are extremely well-balanced as a couple with 16 years of experience in maintaining that balance. We are complimentary forces — amplifying each other’s abilities and strengths while mitigating each other’s weaknesses. There is little you have seen one of us do that didn’t benefit from the active support and service of the other. We both believe in indulging many ideas and letting creative thought enter a process, planning to reiterate as we go to make sure we are on the best path. We believe in a deep bench of information and engagement with many voices. We think carefully and act decisively. At our core, we are conveners. We enjoy bringing people together for common purpose. Even, and especially, groups that do not usually work hand in hand. We like to work hard and play joyfully. We are attended by a fierce, creative tween, Alex Ulman di Bardi, co-premiere of the Order of the Comet. Humor would be an inescapable feature of our time as baronial heads if chosen.