The Candidates

As statements from the candidates come in, I will post them here.


Alana and Isabelle

Zohane and Kassandra

Alanna and Isabelle

Alanna and Isabelle

Alanna and Isabelle

Greetings unto the Great Barony of Carolingia from Alanna and Isabelle!

We have been in the SCA for 17 years, originally residing in the Shire of Hartshorn-Dale in southeast Pennsylvania, then in the Shire of Quintavia, and have been happy to call the Barony of Carolingia home for the past 5 years.

Alanna loves to learn new things and share her knowledge and interests, and can often be found teaching anyone who is interested in learning. Alanna’s many interests include fiber arts, thrown weapons, and archery to name a few. Alanna is a skilled equestrian and serves as current King’s Equestrian Champion.

Isabelle has a passion for fostering learning and teaching within the SCA, both broadly during a recent tenure serving as the Chancellor of the East Kingdom University as well as locally at A&S gatherings and other meetings. Isabelle’s other interests include costuming and fiber arts, thrown weapons, feeding others, and finding ways to encourage and teach those wishing to serve on royal and baronial retinues.

We are both passionate about welcoming newcomers to the SCA and helping them to feel included, comfortable, and to have fun at events and local activities. We’ve been working towards this goal with monthly newcomer’s nights held at our house.  We can also most commonly be found at thrown weapons practices, A&S and craft gatherings, and council meetings (And, we confess, also pretty much any gathering that advertises dessert).

We have chosen to run for Baronesses of Carolingia because in the time that we’ve made this barony our home, we have grown to love the community that is Carolingia. We are consistently amazed by the people of this wonderful Barony and their accomplishments. We have a strong desire to serve Carolingia and help to see it continue to grow, flourish and prosper. If elected, it would be our honor to serve this great Barony and help the people of Carolingia in whatever ways we can.

If elected, we hope to encourage a sense of inclusiveness and belonging for everyone who wishes to be a part of Carolingia, as well as greater awareness and connectivity among the people of the Barony about all of the amazing activities that can be found within our borders.  We have been fortunate enough to be able to participate in so many great activities all over the Barony, and have encountered many gentles, both old and new, who seek to learn more about the ways that they can get involved.  As Baronesses, we feel strongly that a large part of our job is to champion everything that’s going on within the Barony, making sure that each activity has the recognition, support, and resources needed to succeed. We also feel that a key role of the Baronial Heads is to help foster and encourage new activities and new members of the Barony.  As part of this goal, we plan to attend as many activities as we can throughout the Barony and its Cantons in order to best experience, and therefore showcase to both the Barony and the Kingdom, the wonderful things that are going on and the amazing individuals that call Carolingia their home.

 Zohane and Kassandra

Salve Carolingians!

We, Kassandra and Zohane, are both long-time Carolingians with a wavy Y printed on our hearts. That is why we are pleased to offer ourselves as candidates for the upcoming Baronial election.

Carolingia has a strong tradition of historical research, talented artisans, an active and enthusiastic populace, and a wide breadth of activities in which to get involved. We would like to continue the good work of previous Barons and Baronesses in helping it flourish.

There are many active groups within Carolingia, and we would like to encourage more cross-pollination within those groups. Sometimes in a Barony this large, you can be very active in one area without seeing all the great things people are doing in others. Perhaps the cooks and the brewers could once again have joint “conviviality” meetings;
perhaps we could run a Western dance class especially for our Middle Eastern Dancers, or vice versa; perhaps events based on a specific historical time and place would create joint projects for different groups.

Between the two of us we have been involved in a diverse array of arts, martial activities, and dishwashing. We would be delighted to use our broad experience to bring together the many parts of this great Barony. And get its dishes clean.

Z & K