Richard Heyworth – Honeycomb-Smocked Apron

This is my very first smocking project, a honeycomb-smocked apron. The apron itself is made from cotton (I intend to use this apron for a LARP set in the 18th century, so cotton was more appropriate than linen), but I sewed the embroidery, the hemming, and attached the waistband using linen thread, because I wanted to gain some experience using that medium.
The smocking was sewn using the “dots” method found here:
The hem was originally machine stitched, but this left me feeling dissatisfied, so I tore out the machine stitching and resewed it using a hand herringbone stitch. I then attached the waistband by hand using a backstitch.
This was a great first project with smocking, and I think it came out really well. I’m excited to try some smocking projects involving embroidery on the top (such as pattern darning), and I’d love feedback on this work and on embroidery in general!
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