Sugawara no Naeme – Heian Japanese Ensemble

Displayed is a very informal Heian Japanese ensemble. This hitoe (red layer) and ginu (pink layer) would be worn over a white kosode and red nagabakama. The colors are pulled from the kasane or color layering Kobai no Nioi, lightening pink layers over maroon, appropriate to be worn in the fall/winter with the red hitoe. The patterns for the garments were adapted from Jidai isshou no Nuikata (ISBN 4773984058). Both garments are machine sewn through the body with the collars being hand finished. The hitoe/red layer has a diamond weave to mimic the diamond pattern on period hitoe. The hitoe is cotton and the ginu/pink layer is linen. These would have both been silk in period. I chose these fabrics so the garments could be worn outdoors without the fear of dragging silk in the mud while still achieving a period look from a modest distance. The colors were both hand dyed with modern dyes. This links to an image from the Kyoto Costume Museum of a woman in an informal outfit.

Comments, compliments, and feedback are welcome. This is my first A&S display.

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3 Replies to “Sugawara no Naeme – Heian Japanese Ensemble”

  1. This is beautiful. I think you did a great job explaining the your choices regarding fabric substitutions so that the garment can be used at an outdoor (dare I say, camping) event.

  2. This is truly gorgeous. Perfection in its simplicity, yet it is deceptively huge and ambitious in scope. It’s hard to understand the work that goes into something of this magnitude unless you do it. Vivat.

    I would love to see a period picture of a woman wearing a similar outfit next to you wearing this. I think that would be interesting and really fun.

  3. Fabulous work, as always. And hand-dyed! Color me impressed! I love getting to see works that are out of the ordinary!