Baronial Meeting Minutes – January 9, 2017

Please contact the Secretary at with any questions or corrections.

 1.  Officer Announcements

  • Exchequer: Hugh Taurner

As of tonight, there is a new Exchequer!  Orlando di Medici is now the new Exchequer for the Barony, and as of tonight there is approximately $15,000 in the Baronial account.  Orlando will need a Deputy, please contact him or the Seneschal.

  • Chatelaine: Aaradyn Ghyoot

Please e-mail Aaradyn as soon as possible if you are a Guild head and have had newcomers at your functions within the past year.  This will be included in the Chatelaine report.

  • Order of the Moon: Gundormr Dengin

If you are a member of the Order and are not on the e-mail list, please contact Gundormr to be added.  Polling will begin soon, so make sure your voice is heard!

  • Webminister: Christof Von Loch

As of tonight, Symon of Barnesdale will be the new Webminister.  I will be assisting in the transfer of duties and will continue to assist with the Canton of the Towers site for the time being.

2.  Guild Announcements

  • Calligraphers: Aaradyn Ghyoot

The next meeting will be on Sunday, January 22nd from 1:00 to 5:00pm at Aaradyn’s house in Revere.  The focus will be on working on blanks for the scribal challenge at Birka.

  • Dance: Gundormr Dengin (standing in)

Carolingia’s dance practices have finished for the season.  Practices will resume on Thursday, March 2nd at the Presentation School.  Quintavia’s next practice will be Tuesday, January 10th.  The Academia Della Danza is continuing their work on the Gresley translations on Sunday, January 22nd.

  • Jongleurs (Quire & Waytes): Eowyn Eilonwy

The Waytes are currently rehearsing for their upcoming performance at Arisia.  The next practice for the Quire will be Monday, January 16th at 8:30pm at Vis & Mara’s house in Dorchester, focusing on love songs.

  • Philosophers: Eowyn Eilonwy

In meetings past, I proposed having meetings with the Barony populace to discuss future amendments to the Baronial by-laws with regard to how the next Coronets are chosen.  The first of these meetings will be Wednesday, January 18th at the Aschehyrst local practice. I am planning to have local meetings in the Canton of the Towers as well.

  • Thrown Weapons: Symon of Barnesdale

Thrown weapons practice is closed for the season, resuming in March.

3.  Events/Proposals

  • Laurel’s Prize Tourney: Dreda

We are up to 25 challenges with 39 answers so far!  There is still plenty of time, so please consider taking up a challenge this winter!  This event will be on March 25, 2017 in Medfield.  For more information on the challenges, please visit!

  • Coronation: Aurelia Rufinia (standing in)

Due to a change from the German Club, this event will now be at Nevins Hall in Framingham.  Due to site restrictions, the feast will now be a crockpot dayboard.  This event is still scheduled for April 1, 2017, and this site and food change has been discussed with their Majesties and Highnesses.  A revised budget and bid are pending.

  • Company of Bowmen Shoot: Erica Schlain

The site has sent the application and a formal budget will be presented at the next council meeting.  This event is scheduled for May 20, 2017.

  • Battle of the Five Armies: Andreiko Eferier

This event will be a camping event on August 25-27, 2017 at the Camp Resolute Boy Scout Camp in Bolton, MA.  I’ve continued recruiting people to help run things, but we are still seeking 2 meal chefs, gate supervisor and volunteers, and marshals for various activities.  Please contact me if you are interested in volunteering.  Final payment to the site is not due until 90 days before the event.

  • Falling Leaves in Exile: Aurelia Rufinia (standing in)

The site contract is in progress.  Kingdom Championships for Thrown Weapons may be added to this event.

  • Alternate Design for Carolingia Heraldry: Thory Vedardottir

Thory drew up a design involving beautiful and intricate gryphons as an added option to the Carolingia heraldry.  After reviewing the mock ups, council members noted while the gryphons looked beautiful, the added complexity of the design would create difficulty in replicating.

4.  Officer Turnover – Justin du Coeur

The following positions have terms that ended in 2016 and have not yet indicated if there is a turnover: Knight Marshal, Liber editor, Arts & Sciences Minister, and Storytellers Guild head.  Positions scheduled to turn over in 2017 are the following: Archery Marshal, Chatelaine, Cooks Guild head, Dance Master/Mistress, Gold Key, Jongleurs Guild head, and Secretary.  Positions rotate every 3 years to avoid burnout, but the person currently in the position does not necessarily need to step down.

5.  Announcements

  • Kazimierz: There is a new addition to Carolingia: Dante Briar Bergeret, born December 12th!
  • Justin du Coeur: Arisia is this coming weekend! The ball will be on Saturday, January 14th from 4:30 to 6:00pm, with fencing demonstrations earlier in the day.

6.  From the Seneschal

  • Next council meeting will be Monday, January 9th.