Baronial Meeting Minutes – June 4, 2018

Carolingian Great Council – June 4, 2018
  • Hi June?
  • Exellencies
    • Congratulations to our heirs, Thomas and Raziya.  Vivant!
    • Court will be held at EK50 and at Pennsic
      • EK50 Court – Will NOT be right after EK court.  Tentatively at 7:30pm in one of the AS tents on Friday night.  Since we’re having court, we would like to induct members into the orders.
    • “Disturbing Topic Coming”
      • Our Heavy List Champion 2 years ago, Anton la Flamme, was given an enforced break from the SCA due to unchivalrous behavior.  The complete regalia was not returned by the former champion, specifically the sword, despite frequent entreaties.  We would like to propose, since Pennsic has the most options for swords, that council provides the budget for a replacement sword.
        • Should we prod him again about returning it?  Orlando has offered to give another try “I don’t care about being rude, I’m the exchequer and I care about money”
      • Proposal from the chair – do some research between now and July council to provide a price range.
    • Pennsic Court – To be scheduled
  • New Golden griffin herald: Anezka of Carolingia
  • Rufinia is dead!  Our senechal is a oddly-familier looking Margreta Gyllensteirna
  • Officers
    • Historian – Continuing to work towards EK50.
      •  Program page was submitted and has been acknowledged.  Working on memorial pages for the memorial garden, a list of names has been sent to the email list with potential names, or see below
      • Continuing to collect for the historical booth.  Organizers have a suggested list of things, we’d like to have them.
      • During the event, we are looking for volunteers to sit at the booth, keep an eye on things and answer questions.  There will be an online signup for slots
      • The stuff has been shifted out of the storage locker, the historians archive is now in Margreta’s basement
    • Moon, Perseus, Daystar – suggest people, you don’t need to be a member to recommend.  Write to either the Baron/esse or the principle of the order
  • Activities and Guilds
    • Calligraphers Guild – Next meeting will be Wed, June 6 @presentations school foundation 7:30pm. The guest teacher will be Master Robert Brandywine teaching Intro and Gothic calligraphy
    • Low Company, June 16th in the afternoon.  Come by and eat lunch and then play outside games.  Bocce and Boules and maybe Hurley
    • Dance – On hiatus in the summer but dance continues in quintavia on the first tuesday of the month (tomorrow)
    • Waytes – continue to meet on the usual schedule.  We played at the War of the Roses and might take a summer hiatus, but haven’t yet.  Anyone who wants to come and play with us is welcome
  • Other things
    • Ascheryst – heavy regional made a bit of profit, not a lot, but a bit.  Crafty night this month will be for scroll cases.  Wednesday the 13th @7:30pm
    • At EK50 – Margreta is running the pub at the center of “town”.  A place to hang out and get a cold drink and eat some pretzels.  She’s going to look for volunteers online
    • At Panteria – EK Thrown Weapons championship was held.  8 of the final 16 were carolingians.  Caz was one of the finalists to be Queen’s champion and Simon was almost chosen for Kings champion, received a ring from the Kings hand in recognition.  Elian of the Fellswood was awarded arms.
  • Next council is July 9th at Northeastern (205 Hastings Hall, says YMCA on it).  Vivat to the late Rufinia for running the election with a minimal of death, only hers.
  • Final due-date for bylaws amendments is June-9
  • Historian – Memorial Garden details.
    • These names come in 4 categories: 1. Already done; 2. Named person is in charge; 3. Work partly done & I’m trying to arrange to finish; and 4. Someone might want to do.
  1. Aelfwine Dunedain — page has been made by Tchipakkan Arastorm & her daughters
  2. Those for whom someone has agreed to lead on making a memorial page
    • Barak Raz — page being made by Tchipakkan Arastorm
    • Caitlin Davies — page being made by Justin du Coeur
    • Christabel Heslington — page being made by Pandaulf
    • Johan von Traubenberg — page being made by Arianna of Wynthrope
    • Kali Harlansson of Gotland — page being made by Caryl de Trecesson
    • Lisa Goldenstar — page being made by Tchipakkan Arastorm
    • Marian of Edwinstowe, called Old Marian — page being made by Florian of the Glen & Eadgyth aet Staeningum
  3. Patri du Chat Gris — Mara Tudora Kolarova has composed text; we are in search of a suitable picture
  4. Those without someone to lead on making a memorial page
    • Christopher of Westbury
    • Deonora Ridenow
    • Eleni of Carolingia
    • Franz Joder von Joderhuebel
    • Gyrth Oldcastle of Ravenspur
    • Laura Hawkwood, was Laura de Segovia
    • Rose Otter
    • Taran of Windy Hill