Baronial Meeting Minutes–March 5, 2018

Council’s location this month is the Watertown Free Library. Next month’s location is to be determined.

The Seneschal bangs  her gavel at 7:40 because your humble secretary was tardy. Lo but I am unworthy of everyone’s graciousness and patience!

Baronial Election

The polling is in the mail!!! Vivat!! Envelopes should arrive sometime this week. They must be in the hands of the polling deputy in PA by April 5. To help move this process along, self-addressed stamped envelopes have been included. We need to hit 51% or the Seneschal will burn things. And she now knows where we all live. Once it is complete, we will be done with this process for 3 years! If you did not receive a polling or you have any specific questions, please notify the Seneschal.


  1. Historian: Mistress Eowyn needs the barony’s help with 3 projects in anticipation of the East Kingdom 50th anniversary celebration in June. Preliminary notes can be found below, but Mistress Eowyn has already graciously emailed the populace with more details.
  • The first project is a program or yearbook where we will have a page. The deadline for the submission of this page is fast approaching:  March 30, and the historian also requests help with the design. Carolingia and the cantons are meant to be included though the cantons can also do their own page if they so choose.
  • The second project is to design our history booth for the event. It must fit in a 10 x 10 space, and the cantons must be included. We need to post our name, arms, and baronial lineage, but other than that, anything goes as long as its relevant historically or has something to do with our culture. (An example of this would be the rubber band gun cannon). Please note that the space will be indoor and protected from the weather, as well as locked overnight, but there needs to one or more attendants at the booth for most of the day if possible. We may also display the Baronial tapestry in the booth. The deadline for this is “in time to get everything to the event.”
  • The third project, situated next to the Hall of History, is an outdoor space for a “memory garden” in honor of East Kingdom denizens who have passed away. The historian needs single pages in memory of Carolingian folks who are no longer with us. Mistress Eowyn will coordinate so that only one page is submitted per person and we can either make the pages and print them or the  EK 50 staff will print them for us. The deadline for this project is the same as that of the second project.

2. Order of the Daystar: The principal of the order requests that If you haven’t received an email from her about the switch to the new email system and you think you’re on the list, please email her privately. You should especially email her for information about new inductees.

3. Order of the Moon: The principal has similar requests to that of the Order of the Daystar. Email him for more information.

4. Chatelaine: The new SCA webpage has information for newcomers and information for how to cater to newcomers, including flyers, presentations, cards, powerpoints, etc.

5. Webminister: Are you an officer? Then you should know that by virtue of your member.ek account you can have a small piece of the website to promote the responsibilities of your position. Please; see Symon for more information. Also, if you have not yet begun to do so, please use your officer email—it’s literally the law.

6. Arts and Sciences: The officer in charge informs us that she is  trying to get as much of the tapestry done before EK 50th and swears to us that it does in fact exist. It is to be hoped that it will be at the event this weekend for enjoyment and stitchery purposes. Also, the officer’s  first report is due soon so tell her about cool things that you would like to see included.


  1. Dance Practice: Countess Mara informs us that dance is currently in session on Thursdays in March and April.
  2. Scribal: Lady Aarydan notes that there are three events coming up on the calendar: one on Wednesday at the Presentation School; one at Towers Project Day on March 11; and a third one online with Gundormr on March 13 on the topic of scribal abbreviations (let him know by email if you are interested). Also, scribes going to Carolingia Castellum Est are asked to please email Lady Aarydan.
  3. Waytes: Lady Isabel informs us the Waytes will be playing at dance practice this Thursday in anticipation of playing at Saturday’s Black Rose Ball in the Barony of Bridge. There will be no Waytes practice on Monday but there may be Quire practice (email Orlando for more details).
  4. Thrown Weapons: Thunk! The weather is turning, Lord Symon tells us, and the first chance of the year to participate in Thrown Weapons could be this weekend! Cross your fingers!
  5. Low Company: Master Justin announces that the next meeting will be held on March 30th at Lord Symon’s house. Should you wish to be included for dinner, please email Lord Symon (who will also be cooking) and arrive at the house at six o’clock. If you are just coming for the games, they will begin at seven.
  6. Accademia: Meetings will be moving to Master Justin’s house for the next few months. The next upcoming meeting will be on April 18, a Wednesday evening, at 6:30. Participants will be ordering in dinner before beginning to work on their next project. Accademia has just finished a transcription project and will now “translate” the text into modern English.
  7. Storytellers: Mistress Katrin speaks for Sir Michael of York to let us know that the next meeting will be Sunday, March 25 at 7:30 at Sir Michael’s abode.
  8. Newcomers: Baroness Alanna of Skye announces the next meeting to be March 19, at 6:30. The apropos topic will be warm things.

Other Business

  1. Mistress Raziya notes that Aeshreyst fight practice needs to be paid for by the barony or canton, rather than out of someone’s pocket, as has been the case of late. Donations are falling short to rent the church where fight practice occurs. Crafting nights help, but they are losing $300 year approximately (though possibly less this year). The fight practices are successful in getting newcomers; the rent is cheap at the church; and the Barony can offer stability. Can the Barony afford to subsidize fight practice. The Exchequer replies that we very much need to figure out money, as it  keeps going down for us each year. He is, therefore, squeamish about taking another hit to it while still figuring this out. It should be noted that next month’s council will feature an awkward “we need to talk about money” conversation. The biggest problem: we’ve been running events like we don’t have fixed costs, but we do. As a short-term solution, we could support this since this is a monthly contract with the church. Practices are year-round, and folks shouldn’t have to pay for things out of their own pocket. Plus a reminder is raised that we voted on an allowance on for Aeshreyst a few years ago. We should make sure they are receiving it. In other ways to make money for fight practice, regionals could help; they always make a profit. Mistress Raziya requests $1000 for four months with the understanding that a regional will be held during that time and will bring more money in, along with donations. These would be brought to Council every month. It is noted that it is in our longterm fiscal interest to finance this. Council agrees this is a good thing. Raziya will figure out the exact amount with Orlando after meeting tonight.
  2. Fiore correctly notes that the barony doesn’t have a chancellor minor, and she would like us to to reinstate this position, as well as participate in the society-wide program that offers such things as badges to the youth. In other news, Fiore is now the new baronial chancellor minor: vivat!!
  3. Otters’ Welcome (Raziya and Erika): This newcomer event would be held at the same site as the previous iteration, but we have unexpectedly been offered a date of late April. This would leave us with less than 2 months to plan. Do we wish to do so? Upsides: Lots of prep has already been done for the event, including a day board, an artisans’ village, a newcomer’s passport, and new plans for blitz communication to spread the word. The last event made money, we believe, thought not a lot. Downsides: The exact date offered to us is April 28. It is the weekend after Balfour and the same weekend as Lochelven spring practice and the Gore place sheep shearing festival. Possible options: We could roll the event into the fall but this defeats the purpose of helping out newcomers before the summer camping events. Another option is to punt on it for this spring, bring the event back to council at our October meeting, and plan it for spring of 2019. Council agrees this is the best option.


  1. Caitriona mentions that Lochleven Spring Practice is April 28 and 29 at Camelot. It is an event that exists for more than just the members of the  household, including newcomers who are interested in stabbing and stitching. The event will not require garb. The secretary would like to share with you that Stabbing and Stitching is the name of her new band.
  2. Eowyn will be graciously bringing University of Carolingia melee t-shirts to the event this weekend. They are $10 each for fundraising purposes.
  3. Dreda reminds us that she running an event this weekend. Eadygth is the registrar, baronial performance champions will be selected, and a pewter collection will be undertaken for Mistress Rozi.
  4. Gundormr shares that Harvard’s Houghton Library is currently exhibiting books with fictional maps, such as Dante’s Hell and Purgatory. The exhibit is free and you can get the hours from the library’s website. Your humble secretary agrees that it is a very excellent exhibit indeed.
  5. Eadygth queries as to when are we starting the upcoming bylaws cycle. The Seneschal informs her (and us) that the answer is the merry month of May.
  6. Katrin informs us that registration is now open for EK 50th. The event is in late June, and volunteers are needed.
  7. Justin lets us know that the weekend of May 18 is the Living Games Conference, which focuses on academic larping. If you are interested, contact Symon or Justin.

The next meeting of the Great Council will be Monday, April 2, at a location not yet determined. Stay tuned to the Seneschal for more information!