Baronial Meeting Minutes – September 11, 2017

Please contact the Secretary at with any questions or corrections.

Happy almost fall! And happy-ish Allston Christmas!

Pennsic was fun for everyone!

Here are your September Council Minutes from your substitute secretary, Agnes. If you see any errors, please notify me immediately so I can send out corrections:

  1. Officer Announcements
    • Chatelaine: We’ve received an email from a photographer who is looking for male or female models for an unpaid job in garb with weapons on the 23rd and 24th of September in Merrimack, MA. Copies of the pictures will be given but no money and no credit. It appears this may be used for a book cover of the fantastical medieval variety but even that is not guaranteed. The photographer has not requested either a particular period or country. Obviously no one should feel obligated to do this, but the Chatelaine will forward the email to the list shortly.
    • The Exchequer requested that anyone with business for him speak with him after the meeting. Presumably this means if you weren’t at the meeting and have business with him, you can email him.
  2. Guild Announcements
    • Dance practice starts Thursday, September 28, at the Presentation School Foundation Community Center in Oak Square, 640 Washington Street in Brighton. This session will last ten weeks: through the first Thursday of December, skipping Thanksgiving.
    • Carolingia’s instrumental ensemble–the Waytes–continues to practice on its usual schedule. If you need more details, feel to contact Isabel at
    • The Calligrapher’s Guild was slated to meet today for their first meeting of the fall. I would have felt terribly to have missed getting the notes out before then but the meeting has been postponed until further notice.
    • Quire meets at the same location as the Waytes in Dorchester. There is the possibility of an upcoming concert at a church. If you would like details more regularly, they can be located on the mailing list for jongleurs. If you would like to be put on this mailing list, contact Orlando at
    • Heraldry: artwork has been going through since Pennsic despite the vagaries of a broken printer
  3. Business
    • Have you noticed any issues with your mailing list emails? (That would be sarcasm because of course you have.) They have been kind of resolved but not 100%. What can we do to approach this from a Big Picture angle? For one thing, we could ask the person who owns it to deputize someone to substitute for him the next time he goes to Burning Man. As it turns out we do have other options for mailing lists and just need to stop being inert and do something about it. Our webminister, Symon, advocates for migrating the mailing list. There is a rumor that the EK mailing stuff will be moving to Google, but that hasn’t happened yet. We should also be aware that there is no current archive for the mailing list aside from people who never delete email. No one at the meeting–guilds, officers, or principals–objected to moving mailing lists and/or polling lists off Yahoo. On the downside, I suspect this conversation was more complex than I am able to convey in note form. On the plus side, community problem solving for the win!
    • Banners: These were the project at the newcomers’ event last month. They went very well. They were at 5 Armies and will be (were) presented at Falling Leaves. The funding received paid for all of the paint involved. And they were so pretty!!
  4. Events
    • 5 Armies was cool and very likely made a profit; we’re just waiting on a few receipts and reports will be filed shortly. The site gave us an A+ for cleanliness, but next time we would request that the water remain on. We budgeted for 300 adults and children; the actual number was 280. We budged for 200 to camp, but only 100 did. The gate fees made up the shortfall. Feedback has been mostly positive; criticism has focused mostly on “you should do x when you do this next year.” There appears to be great interest in this becoming a repeat event. Possibly there would be a more formal profit-sharing agreement for next time. Autocrat Andreiko will get in touch with the other baronies to see if they have positive responses. He would also be willing to autocrat at least one more time.
    • Falling Leaves in Exile is this weekend! (was this weekend) There will be horses! (there were horses)
    • Next month’s Council Meeting will be on Monday, October 2. This will be an event planning meeting. If you have a thought about an event you would like to run, bring it to council!
  5. Other Announcements
    • If you lost something at 5 armies, look for it in Andreiko’s box.
    • There were lots of awards given at Pennsic. If you would like details, look in the EK Gazette or email me directly; these notes are long enough as it is.
    • The next newcomer’s night is September 18, at Isabelle’s. There will be games and there will be dinner, all starting at 6:30. For more details email Isabelle.
    • Next Low Company Meeting is Friday, September 23, at Symon and Deirdre’s house. The games will be of the fiddly variety, and dinner will be of the poultry variety. Email an RSVP so Deirdre knows how much food to make.
    • RIP to Cassini, who flung herself into the gaseous arms of Saturn on September 15th