Proposed By-Law Amendments, 2017

These are the final proposed amendments to the bylaws for this year. Here is a sample ballot: 2017 ByLaw Amendment Ballot

The vote of Great Council will be on July 10th. I encourage everyone to contact the officers and guild heads that represent the activities they
participate in and give their opinion- the members of Great Council work for you, and we need your opinion!

  1.  Section VII. Baronial Orders, C.5.e. Replace the phrase “azure, semy of estoiles, a pall wavy or” with “Azure, a pall wavy Or between six mullets of eight points argent”
  2. Section IV. Events, H. After the event, the Autocrat shall write a general report documenting it, including information on the site, the event staff, the event activities, and any other matters of interest.  Copies of this report shall be presented to the Seneschal and the Historian no later than the second Great Council meeting after the event closes.
  3. Section V. Baronial Seat Selection Process, A.2.a.I. Round one will reduce the set of candidates to no more than five, and provide an order for the list of candidates.
    1. [no change to subsection i.]
    2. All nominees will be listed on the ballot.  Voters will mark their ballots with numbers, and may vote in numerical order for as many of the candidates as they like.  Then the ballots will be tabulated using a form of the instant runoff method.  To wit: Each ballot will be counted as one vote for that first choice candidate.  At the end of the first round, the candidate with the fewest votes will be eliminated. If a voter’s first place candidate is eliminated, then their next highest ranked choice will be used.  This process will continue until only one candidate is left. Then this candidate and the last four counted out will be ranked by order of elimination; if the ballot started with five or fewer candidates, then all the candidates will be ranked in this fashion. The resulting five or fewer candidates will form the set of nominees for the Round Two ballot, in the order determined by the elimination step.
      1. During the elimination step, if two or more candidates end up with the same number of votes, the elimination order among these candidates shall be chosen at random.
    3. The votes will be counted at the meeting by three people, who will include the current seneschal, a representative on the Kingdom level from out of Barony, and a retired Baronial seneschal or former Baronial officer.  None of the vote counters can be candidates for the Baronial Seat.  If the current seneschal is a nominee, he will appoint another baronial officer to take his place.
    4. The results will be announced at the meeting, as well as being published in the next Baronial newsletter and on any official electronic mailing lists.
  4. Section VI. By-laws Amendaments, F. When there are proposed amendments which are to be voted on at the same meeting, which are in the Seneschal’s opinion mutually exclusive, they will be voted on simultaneously against an option of no change, using the instant runoff method.