Council Minutes – August 2nd, 2021

Council Minutes – August 2nd, 2021

Apologies for the delays while we get the new secretary full access to post. – Webminister

Great Council Minutes August AS LV (2021) 7:30 PM


Seneschal Lady Kassandra Aiantide:
As of the start of this meeting, the following officer positions have changed:
Secretary: Donato Favro
Golden Gryphon: Richard Heyworth

Minister of the Lists: Sir Trentus Nubianus

Seneschal Election: 

Q&A with Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot
Q: What are your reopening plans?

A: The procedures will be heavily dependent on society as they provide insurance.  I plan to work with the heirs to carry out their plans and to foster growth.

Q: What is the plan for the historian deputy position/project?

A: I will continue archives project and digitization.

Q: What is your experience wrangling opinionated cats?

A: I believe my experience as an engineering project manager is relevant.

Q: What are you anticipating being the hardest part of being seneschal?

A: Uncertain.  My work experience should suit me to the position.  That includes Office manager, project coordinator and  executive assistant.  I have spoken with my Laurel, and I will be stepping back from current scrolls to backlog which are less time dependent.

Q: Qualifications for sensechal?  More detail about handling a larger organization?

A: I  have been the Kingdom Deputy for clerk signet, which provided experience in handling questions from widely separated groups.  I also know who and when to delegate or elevate issues, and I have worked as office manager for a fortune 500 company.

Lady Kassandra Aiantide:  We are fortunate to have 35 years of past experience available for consultation as needed.

Tallying of votes

Reporting of Votes to Council
Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot has been elected the next Seneschal of Carolingia.  The transition will occur for the September Council Meeting.  (After Falling Leaves)

Bylaws Review dates:

It is time for the regular bylaws review.  If you would like to propose a change, please observe the following dates.  Please feel free to submit proposals to the Seneschal.

Proposals: Accepted now through September 13th

Council discussion: September 13th

Final proposals: September 27th

Council Vote: November 1st

Catriona would like to step down as A&S Minister by September, so we’re seeking someone interested in filling that role.

Their Excellencies Master Thomas of Effingham and Mistress Raziya bint Rusa: 

It’s Frithuric’s fault we’re eating to much ice cream.  We are in the process of moving.

Baronial Heirs Nobildonna Fiore Leonetta Bardi and Lord Frithuric Ulman

Ice cream social, This Friday in Cambridge, 6-8 Toscanini’s Ice Cream and Yogurt, Kendall square

Canton of the Towers: Lord Thorvald Olafsson Kveld-Hrútssonar

Fight practice is going well. It is swapping between the Canton, Carolingia proper, Qunitavia, and Bergental.

Chancellor Minor Nobildonna Fiore Leonetta Bardi:
Chancellor minor twill transfer to Theo of Carolingia as soon as the necessary paperwork is complete.  As Fiore will have to step down no later than investiture, a youth clerk may be called on to cover the gap.  Please contact Fiore if you are willing to step in briefly.
The consort’s youth challenge is complete. 
In addition, the Kingdom Chancellor Minor is stepping down, please speak to Mistress Hugoline if you are interested.

Chatelaine Baroness Isabel:
Despite the lack of Pennsic, newcomer night will be on hiatus for August as usual.  It may be going to a hybrid mode if conditions allow.
There has been a lot of interest from new people recently.  Please be welcoming to them as they show up to events.  

Also, please put as much info as possible on the facebook group, the webpage and the email list to make it easier to point people to activites.
In addition, it would be appreciated if non-fighters were willing to show up at public fighter practice.  These activities attract a lot of attention, and people who are willing to be present and answer questions would be useful for recruiting.

Chronicler Baron Kendrick del Grenewode ):
The Miniscule for July/August should be in mailboxes.
Kendrick has completed a first term, and would like to continue the position for another year or two.

Fencing Lord Zohane Faber:
Fencing Wednesday nights in Framingham.  Note will be sent to the list.

Dance  Lady Aelia Fortunata:
Nothing to report.

Exchequer Irini Bint Todori:

We just completed  a fairly quiet second quarter, and the books closed.  Etain will step in as deputy exchequer, to be combined with seneschal changeover for simplicity of setting up signing authority.

Golden Gryphon Pursuivant Richard Heyworth

There will be a virtual heralds point running from August 8-22, with a zoom event on August 14-15.  Registration must be completed by August 5th.  All documents and payment are online, so it’s convenient.  

Baronial herald office hours will be on the 10th at 6:30, 1 week from tomorrow (moved for scheduling)
Blue Tyger Herald has switched over to a new person.  Unfortunately, access to the PO box has been temporarily lost.  Recent submissions may have been caught, if you have a current submission that does not seem to be proceeding, contact Richard so he can make sure things are moving forwards.  

Historian: Mistress Eowyn Eilownwy:  

Mistress Eowyn is thrilled with Aaradyn’s work on digitization, and happy that she will complete  the project while seneschal.
As mentioned last month, material that is not barony specific will be offered to people who want it.  The complete physical archives will have to move in mid-October as the current arrangement runs out.

Lady Aaradyn  petitions the Barony for $60 to purchase 12x 55 gallon totes (used but clean) for storage of the remaining material.  Receipts to be provided.

The list of available materials for those who want them should be made available before mid august. 

Heavy List Baron Valerian of Somerset:  In absentia

Fighter Practices are back in full swing and well attended on Wed. nights in Framingham.
Sundays are now moving to a rotating regional practice to keep attendance high, with some Sundays in North Reading.
Sir Angus Bruce is teaching an out of armor fighting class before Wed. practices (7pm start) for anyone interested.

Archery Master Peter the Red:

Archery activities are happening.  Quiver making.  Archery Practice.  Etc.
The youth challenge has just finished.  Tokens are being made for people who did it. 
There have been lots of newcomers, and Peter will be attempting to also direct them to groups that match their other interests.  

The Champion’s challenge  is also complete. 

Thrown Weapons Arngeir Refskegg:
Thrown weapons practices have been going strong.  Saturday in Framingham, Sunday in Carlisle.  Signups are not currently required. Please show up.

There is also a thrown weapons practice in Quintavia, in Stow.  Proof of vaccination is required by the homeowners.

Deirdre has put in an offer to become the next Carolingian thrown weapons marshal.  If anyone else is interested please speak to Arngeir, otherwise the change will occur by next council meeting.

Minister of A&S Lady Caterina Ginevra Beltrami:
A&S Display at falling leaves.  There will be two categories, Works in Progress and Finished Works. The  criteria will be similar to last year’s and will be posted to Facebook and the e-mail list.
Caterina will be stepping down as A&S after falling leaves.  Definitely, positively, seriously this time.  She means it.  If you are interested, please speak to Caterina or the current Seneschal.  Caterina will remain social media officer.

The Virtual Pennsic display should be up.

Secretary Donato Favro:  Enthusiasm is good.  Just be enthusiastic more slowly.

Web Ministry Baron Symon of Barnesdale:  

New officers need to make sure they have an EK account.  Seneschals please make sure there is a complete list of officer changes.

Ministry is working with the Historian on the digitization project and preparing for Falling Leaves online.
Everyone who oversees any activities in the barony….. please update the text on the website – Contact Simon  if you need help. And if things are coming up, let’s get them on the calendar, so that newcomers know what to be coming out for!

Principals of Baronial Orders:

Order of the Daystar Guinemer

Please recommend candidates who are doing service and are not members of the Order of the Moon.  It may be recommended to any member, but Guinemer appreciates being told directly.  You do not need to be a member to recommend.  

Order of the Moon Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot

Please recommend candidates who are doing A&S and are not members of the Order of the Moon.  It may be recommended to any member.  You do not need to be a member to recommend.
There will be a meeting immediately after council.
As Aarydyn steps up as Seneschal, a replacement is needed for the principal of the OOTM.  There will be a meeting after the next council to decide on a new principal.

Order of Perseus Lord Pandaulf

Please recommend candidates who are doing martial activities and are not members of the Order of the Perseus.  It may be recommended to any member.  You do not need to be a member to recommend.
Members of the Persues should be on the lookout for a meeting schedule.

Question: When is notification required for virtual falling leaves? 
Sooner is better to allow time for video including technical issues or retakes.  Notification of the hard deadline will come out in the future.  It will be at least a couple of weeks in advance of Falling Leaves.

Order of the Comet Nobildonna Fiore Leonetta Bardi
Theo will become principal of the Order of the Comet as part of becoming Chancellor minor.  There will be a meeting soon to introduce Theo to the members.  The order will elect it’s own principal once once there are two members over the age of 15. 
Please recommend children, including teenagers, doing interesting stuff.


Cooks Lord Zohane Faber:

Nothing to Report.

Guild of Jongleurs  Lady Ysabel da Costa:

There was a meetings of the Waytes,  New members showed up.

In person meetings at Ysabel’s house will require vaccination.

Low Company Master Justin du Coeur:  

The Company’s scheduled throwing games activity happened last weekend.  Things went well.  

The next company activity will occur at falling leaves (online) and will include board games and card games.  

Needleworkers Nobildonna Fiore Leonetta Bardi

Meeting in August 19th at 6:30.  Hybrid: In person in Wayland, Brighton, and virtually over zoom. Please contact hosts for address information.  Individuals present in person must be vaccinated and willing to wear a mask.  

Cathain Reiter will be teaching smocking and related skills.

Storytellers Michael Tighe:  

There will be a meeting in august.  

There will be a Bardic circle in the evening after falling leaves, estimated to be 7-9.  Please join both.

Philosophers Mistress Eowyn Eilonwy of Alewife Brook:  It’s nice to meet in person, but continuing to think is good.

Feeder Tourney Lady Patience Faircloth:
The final financial report has not been received yet.  We expect it at the September meeting.

Falling Leaves (Online) Katla of Vyborg:

Working on the Schedule.  A&S display, can show old or new work format very similar to last year.

General announcements:  

  • Justin de couer: First hybrid meeting of the reading manuscripts group.  Next meeting Oct 10th. (Tentative) Stop by to learn the Roman Hand.
  • Virtual Pennsic is happening right now.  There is a facebook group and discord server.
  • Aelia Fortunata:
    Saturday the 14th, Aelia is teaching an intro Latin course through the Canton of Wyhte Way’s Saturday Night Solar. 
    In addition, the Minister of A&S Whyte Way would love to have more teachers.
  • Thorvald:  Picking a fight with Duke Edward/Quintavia (looking to restart boredom war, tentatively May), but work needs to be done to avoid conflicts.
  • Their nextellencies would like to encourage Carolingians to consider creating new events.  Please be sure to bring them to council so events can move forward.
  • EK Coronation is the 28th of August.  This is a very short time from Crown Tournament as part of an effort ti get back to a more normal schedule..
  • Fiore will be teaching an online class to the Outlands chorus Oct 21 at 6pm eastern.  Open to anyone in the east.  Vocal health and caring for your instrument.  (May also be of interest to voice heralds).
  • Please make sure announcements on facebook also are made in the e-mail list.
  • An autocrat needed for Otter’s Welcome 2022.  Patience has not agreed to the role and is open to others stepping up, in which case she will be happy to provide support.

Non SCA Annoucements:

  • Patience Faircloth’s facebook has been hacked and deleted, she is in the process of recovering it.  Please don’t worry.