Council Minutes – February 3, 2020

Seneschal: Lady Kassandra says she’s tired, are two taps of the gavel sufficient?  Have we all recovered from the Arisia and Birka plagues?  Very good.  Just a reminder: next month’s Council meeting is in Framingham.  Don’t go here, go there.  If you come here, we will not be here.  This will be your next installment in the Great Carolingian Tour of Regional Libraries.

Officers of the Barony:

  • Baroness Raziya bint Rusa:  Stonemarche asked us nicely and we have agreed: we are going to abscond with some sheep and cause a War (GNEW).  If you have sheep (stuffed will do), please let the Baroness know.  Eadgyth points out that a former Baron was executed over something involving sheep.  Shtick is discussed at length.
  • Seneschal of the Canton of the Towers:  Master Ivan sends word that project day is coming up this weekend, featuring dyeing and followed by a potluck dinner.  Missing sheep are mentioned with implicit accusations of our Canton, who beg us to defend their honor.  By the way, mutton is tasty.
  • Chatelaine:  Baroness Isabelle, in absentia, reports that next newcomer night will be Feb. 24 at the Watertown Public Library starting at 6:45.
  • Chancellor Minor:  Lady Fiore urges people to nominate kids for the Comet of Carolingia.
  • Clerk of the Stables:  Baroness Eadgyth only wants to talk about Curia.
  • Chancellor of the Exchequer:  Lord Orlando dei Medici says his office is up for renewal.  If you are interested, talk to Orlando’s deputy Bethany (you may have to face combat).  Arlyana says the End of Year Report was turned in on time — yay!  Eadgyth asks about the proposed donation to the Waltham library?  No decision has been reached.
  • Gold Key: Baroness Alanna sends word that only unisex tunics are needed.
  • Golden Gryphon Pursuivant: Anezka will begin holding heraldic office hours starting on Feb. 18, approx. 5 to 9 at the Copley branch of the Boston Public Library (part of the aforementioned tour).  After this month, office hours will generally be held on the second Tuesday of each month.
  • Liber Editor:  Orlando will start paying attention to the Liber soon.  Not that anybody ever sends updates to the Liber.
  • Marshal of Fence: Lord Zohane held a regional fencing event recently which was well attended.  Regular practice continues on Thursdays.
  • Minister of Arts and Sciences: Lady Caterina says she was busy looking at a picture of a cat’s butt just now, but doesn’t want that in the minutes.  She describes many exciting upcoming A&S events (previously documented in the EK Gazette).  
  • Secretary: Lady Ysabel is typing as fast as she can.
  • Steward: Zohane says the stuff is where it should be, let him know if you need something.  Missing legs are discussed; tablecloths are offered and accepted.
  • Webminister:  Lord Symon is creating a new page for the Trumpet and Kettledrum Corps.  He receives congratulations for his work on the new EK web site.

Principals of the Baronial Orders:

  • Moon:  Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot is the only principal present and is glad to have shed her other offices.  Next Baronial Court will be at A&S in April — now is the time to write people in.  Next polling will go out March 23; Order meeting will be held at April Council.  Kassandra asks if there is a list of people who have received the Baronial Orders?  Yes, it’s on the web site and several people testify that it’s up to date.  Orlando says: all official lists should be updated.  All unofficial lists should be destroyed — like the Liber.

Representatives of the Guilds and Activities:

  • Cooks:  Zohane says the Cooks may or may not meet in February.
  • Jongleurs (Waytes):  Ysabel reports that the Waytes, having had a successful performance at Arisia, are now rehearsing for their next gig, the Black Rose Ball on March 7.  
  • Trumpet Corps is now a Thing, and Ysabel says that they are meeting on a regular schedule: 7:30 PM on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, at the Fighter Practice in Framingham.
  • Needleworkers Guild:  Fiore announces that the next meeting will be Feb 27 at her home at 6:30.
  • Philosophers: Mistress Eowyn is thinking.
  • Storytellers: Sir Michael of York says the Storytellers will meet on Monday Feb. 24, at the home of Anne of Framlingham in Aschecryst, on the theme of romantic love; bring something romantic to share.  Rides can be made available to and from Alewife if requested in advance.
  • Company of Bowman: Arlyana, speaking for Peter the Red, says they are meeting on Sundays 10 to 1.


  • Arts and Scholars: Still looking for volunteers for gate setup, breakdown, and dayboard (Orlando volunteers).  This event will take place on April 18.
  • Otter’s Welcome will happen on May 16 at Veasey Memorial Park (Patience and Katla are autocrats).  If you’re interested in a volunteer position and you haven’t yet talked to Patience, do so now.  Patience pauses, saying that the train stopped in her brain for a moment.  Resuming, she says that she still needs someone to coordinate Gate and Brute Squad.  A description of Brute Squad is requested and offered.


  • Stray note from Curia:  Kassandra says that Vis sends word that the East has been approved for a trial of experimental steel rules for heavy list.  
  • Eadgyth notes that there will be performances of i Sebastiani (TGCdATitEW) at the Somerville Armory on Feb. 22 and 23.
  • Dreda needs some items delivered, please see her. 
  • Eowyn reports some awards that were awarded to Carolingians at Birka.  Other accomplishments of local people at Birka are reported and exclaimed over.  It is agreed that Carolingia conquered Birka.
  • Symon says that admission to the MFA is free all day this Wednesday in honor of their 100th birthday.  
  • Arlyana says the future dates for Towers project days are March 8 (block printing) and April 19 (TBA).

Kassandra bangs the gavel even though people are still talking, just because.  Now we can pick on Stonemarche.