Council Minutes – July 1, 2019

Seneschal Kassandra, lacking her gavel, calls the meeting to order by the authority of her presence.  Welcome to July and August!  There will be a curia at GNE; please share your opinions with Kassandra by Friday.  A date for Birka was announced, and the hotel sold out within a few hours.

Officers of the Barony:

  • Baroness Raziya reports that we had a successful day of printing favors, which now need to be hemmed (please take some home with you).   Their Excellencies will try to have a Baronial Court at Pennsic, perhaps middle weekend.   Her Excellency may also organize a Baronial water-bearing troop, and some social gatherings, at Pennsic.  The Barony will process in opening ceremonies, for which pomp and circumstance are desired.
  • Chatelaine:  Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot reports via email that several newcomers from Otter’s Welcome are now attending practices and getting involved.
  • Chancellor Minor:  Fiore di Bardi says we have not lost any children lately.  People interested in a Youth Fighters group are encouraged to contact her.  We have a Youth Clerk in Towers: Arlyana van Wyck.  Fiore’s Deputy is Arngeirr.
  • Chronicler:  Kendrick says that the July Minuscule is now out; thanks to everyone.  
  • Clerk of the Stable:  Eadgyth is busy and would like to turn over her duties to A REPLACMENT SOON PLEASE, in ALL CAPS.
  • Chancellor of the Exchequer:  Orlando dei Medici would like to settle accounts soon.
  • Historian:  Eowyn sends word urging Carolingians to keep making (and recording and studying) history.
  • Mistress of the Lists: Kira says “get your authorization now, so people won’t laugh at you at Pennsic.”
  • Marshal of Thrown Weapons:  Symon of Barnesdale reports that Thrown Weapons is going gangbusters, with several new throwers.  He has build new stands and would like the Council to approve a small budget overrun.  Approved unanimously by voice vote.
  • Minister of Arts and Sciences: Caitrona would like to have a show-and-tell of things people have learned at Pennsic and other events, to be held later in the summer.
  • Dierdre reports that Aschehyrst will hold a craft night, which will be a “sew for Pennsic” event.
  • Secretary: Ysabel is too busy typing to say anything at this point.
  • Steward: Zohane has all the things he believes a steward is supposed to have, and more.
  • Webminister:  Lord Symon of Barnesdale says the web site is still up and running.  Please set up your EK Wiki page!

Principals of the Baronial Orders:

  • Lord Gundormr Dengir reports that the Order of the Moon will meet November after Council to choose a new Principal.

Representatives of the Guilds and Activities:

  • Accademia della Danza:  Gundormr says the Accademia is continuing to talk about dances from the Il Papa MS and their music, let us know if you’d like to participate.
  • Calligraphers: Aaradyn is organizing a “Learn the Hand of your Persona” class for Fall, to be held in Towers.  Stay tuned for details.
  • Cooks, Lord Zohane Farber: not meeting again until Fall. 
  • Jongleurs (Waytes):  Ysabel reports that the Waytes continue to meet weekly.  She announces plans to call a preliminary meeting of those interested in forming a Court Trumpet and Kettledrum Corps.  Discussion ensues; the Baron and Baroness express enthusiasm for the proposed addition to the Barony’s pomp and circumstance.
  • Low Company:  Justin report that they had a meeting and played show-and-tell with books.  Next meeting will be later in the summer, if any time can actually be found.
  • Needleworkers:  Lady Fiore.  The Needleworkers will be taking July off for Pennsic, but their needles will not be idle!  Many important and confidential projects are underway.
  • Philosophers: Mistress Eowyn sends word that we should continue to think about, and politely discuss, our Society.


  • Falling Leaves:  Baron Thomas thinks we have all our paperwork in.  Something about horse diseases was mentioned, but your secretary did not capture the details of that discussion.  Kira reports that the Barony will not put in a Crown bid — we will be too burnt out.  However, she has identified a cool new site in Tyngsborough.  It’s a charter school with a large building, classrooms, kitchen, cafeteria, gym, auditorium, etc.  She suggest we begin with a small event to build credibility and to negotiate the price; the site is non-profit, and terms of rental are negotiable.   The site is also interested in having us do a demo.
  • Otters Welcome:  We took in about $2500 at OW, for a profit of about $1000.  Yay!


  • Caitrona: GNE is looking for people to work gate.  Please volunteer, especially for Thursday and Friday.  Since there was pre-registration through PayPal for the first time this year, gate duty will be easier than usual.  
  • Justin reports on Known World Dance, where people learned many interesting things, including some things about the use of period dance in court theatricals.
  • Baron Thomas says:  people are doing awesome stuff, write them in for awards!  Kingdom or Barony level!

Kassandra closes the meeting.  Have a good Pennsic!