Council Minutes – May 6, 2019

Seneshal of the Baron of Carolingia:  Lady Kassandra gavels the meeting to order, firmly.  Welcome to May!  The next Council dates are:  June 3, July 1, September 9.

Officers of the Barony:

Seneschal of the Canton of Aschehyrst (dormant): Lady Dierdre of Mitgaard says, we are now officially dormant, will review in September.

Baroness Raziya bint Rusa reports that awards were given to members of the Barony at Balfar’s.  

Seneschal of the Canton of the Towers:  not present.  Upcoming project day on May 19 will involve cooking.

Chancellor Minor: Lady Fiore di Bardi says there will be Family Point at Otter’s Welcome, needs another volunteer or two.   Oooaaahaaah!

Chatelaine:  Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot thanks everyone for volunteering for Otter’s Welcome.

Chronicler:  Baron Kendrick del Grenewode says, a May issue of the Minuscule has been printed for Otter’s Welcome, but not very many copies due to cost; it was also distributed electronically.  Kendrick cannot attend Otter’s Welcome and needs someone to take notes; Aaradyn says she can do it.  If you would like to contribute to the June issue of the Minuscule, contact Kendrick.

Dancemistress: Lady Aelia Fortunata sends word that practice is done for Spring; come dance at Otter’s Welcome!

Chancellor of the Exchequer:  Regarding the finances of the Barony, Orlando says “It’s good.”  

Herald: Anezka says there will be a heraldry table at Otter’s Welcome.

Historian:  Mistress Eowyn Eilownwy of Alewife Brook says “We keep making history!”

Liber Editor:  Mistress Aildreda de Tamwurthe has a proof copy of the Liber, please give her corrections.

Marshal of Thrown Weapons:  Lord Symon of Barnesdale says, Ranges are open, come throw!  There will be TW at Otter’s Welcome.

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Lady Caitrona says Hi, and she just finished her final exams.  She would like to organize people to work on the Carolingian Tapestry.

Mistress of the Lists: there will be no heavy list at Otter’s Welcome.

Steward: Lord Zohane Farber will be bringing a lot of stuff to Otter’s Welcome (when is that event, again??)

Webminister:  Lord Symon of Barnesdale is looking for a deputy.

Principals of the Baronial Orders:  

Moon:  Lord Gundormr Dengir announced by email in advance that there will be a meeting of the Order at Otter’s Welcome at 1:30, somewhere on site.

Representatives of the Guilds:

Calligraphers: Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot no longer has monthly meetings, and her term is up in December; let her know if you’d like to do it, or it may go dormant.  Calligraphers has moved from Yahoo to Google Groups with the help of Symon.

Cooks:  Lord Zohane Farber is having a thing on May 19 with Towers; fireplace or kitchen TBA.

Jongleurs (Waytes):  Lady Ysabel da Costa reports that the Waytes will be playing at Otter’s Welcome, and bends everyone’s ear about her trumpet project.

Low Company:  Symon says they will be playing Karnoffel, come learn it, rules are in the current Minuscule.

Mini-Thimble:  Lady Fiore di Bardi says Mini-Thimble has been going on for just over 1 year.  She would like to be formally recognized as the Needleworker’s Guild of Carolingia — approved by the Council.  Meeting next on May 30 at Fiore’s house.

Philosophers: Mistress Eowyn thinks the Philosophers are still thinking.

Justin du Coeur:  Officer review must happen every three years.   Officers, are you still having fun and do you still want to do it?  Looking for replacements: Calligraphers, Clerk of the Stables, Liber Editor.  Up for review: Fencing Marshall, Storytellers.  Symon asks about the non-Guilds Fools and Soothsayers?  Not on review schedule, on abeyance.  Dormant guilds can easily be re-started by any interested party (see Needleworkers, above).  

Kassandra asks about the Event Planning Task Force — who wants to head this up?  Let her know, Symon will set up a Google Group.  

Events: is there an event coming up?  Kira says Yes!  Otter’s Welcome, Saturday May 11 in Dunstable.  Advance setup on Friday; let Kira know if you will be on site.  Parking will be extremely, extremely tight.  Consider bringing bottled water, site water is iffy, be nice to the dayboard staff.  Bring a newcomer, have fun!  Kassandra would like to borrow some large coolers.

Craft night is still a thing, even though Aschehyrst is not.  Come do cross stitch.

Justin says: there will be a tag sale at OW.  Sell stuff, buy stuff!  Justin will be selling a lot of books (the Good Stuff).  

Kira would like giveaways for newcomers at OW.  Dreda has a plea: she would like to make favors for a project at OW and would like help organizing the project.  

Kassandra gavels the meeting closed.