Council Minutes, September 13, 2021

Great Council Minutes July AS LV (2021) 7:30 PM


Baronage Nobildonna Fiore Leonetta Bardi and Lord Frithuric Ulman:

Good to see Thomas, and welcome to Lady Aaradyn, our new seneschal. Thank you to Kassandra for her years of service and we look forward to your continuing help in the future.

Seneschal Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot:

By-Law review will be later in this meeting.

Welcome to the new officers.

A reminder that masks are mandatory at all in person activities of any type.  

Seneschal of the Canton of the Towers Lord Thorvald Olafsson Kveld-Hrútssonar:

 No Report

Secretary Donato Favro:

If you have a report or announcement it is greatly helpful if you send it to the Seneschal prior to the council meeting, so it will make it into the minutes in your own words.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Kara Irini bint Todori:

No Report

Chancellor Minor Theo of Carolingia:

The Order of the Comet met virtually on the 10th. The members are eager to resume in person activities.

Suggestions of service projects for the youth of the Barony would be appreciated. 

Chatelaine Patience for Baroness Isabel:

Next newcomer night will be announced through the standard channels for the 20th or 27th. Presently it is expected to be remote.

Golden Gryphon Pursuivant Richard Heyworth:

Herald office hours were last week. Next office hours will be on the 5th, the Tuesday after October council.

Knight Marshall Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot for Baron Valerian of Somerset:

Fighting continues Wednesday nights in Framingham, outdoors behind Plymouth Church.  We’re also running practices some Sundays in North Reading, as part of a rotation of regional practices with the other MA groups. We’ve also activated a new Google Group to replace the old Yahoo-based email list.  Contact Valerian to be sent an invite.

Minister of Arts and Sciences Lady Catriona Ginerva Beltrami:

No Report

Web Minister Baron Symon of Barnesdale:

We’ve had many officer changes recently, the web page and e-mail address should all be up to date this week. 

Chronicler Baron Kendrick del Grenewode:

Thanks for the recipes I received for this issue of the Minuscule,which will be sent after receiving any by-law proposals from this meeting.

Dance Lady Aelia Fortunata:

No Report

Gold Key Baroness Alanna of Skye:

No Report, see discussion under yardsale.

Historian Mistress Eowyn Eilownwy of Alewife Brook:
The baronial archives will move to Lady Aaradyn’s house shortly, to aid in the digitization project. The date for de-accesioning of redundant items is still on schedule for the end of October. There has been a request to save copies of these items that were produced by Carolingians. Lady Aaradyn has done her best to identify these items, but spotty records make it difficult. If people with knowledge of past Carolingians would like to go through these items, your assistance would be welcome. The deadline is still the end of October. 

Liber Editor Lord Orlando dei Medici: 

No Report

Marshal-Fence Lord Zohane Faber:

No Report

Marshal-Archery Baroness Arlyana van Wyck for Master Peter the Red:
Archery is continuing. Archery practice may be shot at any time in Carlisle. You may contact Peter to schedule an appointment on facebook or on his home phone (978)287-0808.

Marshal-Thrown Weapons Lord Arngeir Refskegg:

Lady Deirdre Grenewode will be taking over as thrown weapons marshal. 

Multiple practices continue. Sat 9-12 in Framingham, Sun 10-1 Carlisle. 

There is also a practice in Quintavia (Stow) on Wednesday evenings. Proof of vaccination is required.

The Baronial thrown weapons championship will take place in the near future. As was done for the Archery championship, it will consist of procedures that can be done at official practices.

Minister of the Lists Lord Trentus Nubianus:

No Report

Steward Lord Zohane Faber:

No Report

Clerk of the Stable Etain ingen Ut Neill

No Report

Social Media Officer Lady Caterina Genevra Beltrami

No Report


Order of the Moon Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot:

Mistress Eleanor Catlyn is stepping up as the new principal of the order, please welcome her. If you’re a new member, please contact her at to be added to the mailing list.

Order of the Perseus Lord Pandaulf:

The order is overdue for an order meeting, please watch the e-mail list for the announcement. Please check with Pandaulf if you don’t receive the announcements within a couple of weeks. If you’re a new member, please contact him at to be added to the mailing list.

Order of the Daystar Guinemer: Many people were recognized at falling leaves. Anyone can nominate an individual to the order. You don’t have to be a member, and we don’t want to overlook people. Let someone from the order know (any order). If you’re a new member, please contact him at to be added to the mailing list.

Guilds:Jongleurs Lady Ysabel da Costa: 

The Waytes will resume regular meetings/practices next week, and they will occur on non-council Mondays. Meetings are located at Lady Ysabel’s. Please contact her at to join the mailing list. Recorders will be permitted starting next week. For safety bell covers and slotted masks are required. Additional higher pressure wind instruments will be discussed by the guild for future meetings.

Needleworkers Etain ingen Ul Neill: The next needleworkes guild meeting September 23. Hybrid, hosted at Fiore’s in Wayland and online. 

Storytellers Sir Michael of York: Watch the usual spots for announcements.


Crown Tourney Feeder Lady Patience Faircloth: The financial report from crown feeder tournament (in July) is in. This event was run jointly between Carolingia and Quintavia so the profits are split. Total profits for the event were approximately $320, so ~$160 to Carolingia. 
Quintavia has decided to donate their share to Kingdom. The feeder tournaments were not Kingdom events, so normal profit sharing did not happen.
Since Exchequer is not present, discussion of a possible donation will be postponed to the October meeting.

Falling Leaves Lady Katla of Vyborg: The event report is not available yet. As the event was online and free, there are no financial considerations, but Katla thanks everyone who donated their time to make the event successful.

Katla would like to proceed with planning for 2022. The venue (4h) is presently holding the full weekend (camping) slot for us.

50 Year:

At present we do not have an autocrat for this event. The one who started planning prior to the pandemic is no longer available. If you are interested PLEASE contact the seneschal. If necessary we can postpone to provide adequate planning.  

Baronial Yard sale Lady Astrid Eiriksdottir: Carolingia is invited to join an existing medieval/LARP yard sale at no cost, this Saturday, the 18th at Camelot Co-Housing in Berlin, MA. Setup at 9, yard sale from 10 breakdown by 5. Masks are required and the venue will remove unmasked individuals. Please bring your own tables/chairs/etc. First come first serve on spots and there are a limited number of barn (indoor) spaces. Power and water are available nearby. There is a dumpster for trash, but please don’t dump unsold items. There may be a Goldkey rep available to collect donated items.

Discussion: It was mentioned that Goldkey is presently well supplied with women’s clothing, but short on men’s clothing. It was suggested we consider donating excess items to groups that could use it, or allow newcomers to keep outfits they wear.

Otter’s Welcome Lady Astrid Eiriksdottir: We have a carried over deposit at the venue from 2020. Venue will give us the older pricing for 2022. ($650 for 6 hours, $850 for 9am-10pm, $325 already deposited). May 14th or 21st seems good, the 21st might have better weather. Optional dayboard or BYO? All martial activities, all artisans welcome. Please show off for the newcomers. 

It is desirable to move on one of these dates quickly in order to lock down before things fill up. Astrid will coordinate with Aaradyn to start things moving.

Discussion: Avoid Mothers day, avoid Memorial day. Reach out to Theo for kids stuff. Think about ways to promote otters to potential newcomers, non SCA-folks, etc.

Make sure that family point is present at events.

Event dates should try to avoid overlap with the rest of the kingdom where possible.

Unnamed Heraldic Event Richard Heyworth: Richard would like to schedule an online only event on heraldic display sometime this winter.

By-Laws Review Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot:

  • It’s that time again! We have a few very important changes that will be implemented to the By-Laws at this time to bring us in line with Corpora:
    • We are removing gendered language from the By-Laws.
      • The changes will be available on request to those who would like to see the document in revision. None of the changes fundamentally change the way the By-Laws are implemented, and so are not an amendment as much as a grammar correction.
    • Per Corpora, we can no longer call our By-Laws by the name By-Laws.
      • To bring us in line with our governing documents, and under advisement from Kingdom, we are using the term Policies.
      • This change also means that our now Policies are part of our Charter. The changes to bring the Policies into the body of the document of our Charter is not a simple one, or one that will be undertaken until such time as our current Amendment Proposal cycle is done.
      • The process of bringing the Policies into the Charter will be completed between now and March 7th, 2022 (the March 2022 Council Meeting) so that the revised document can be circulated for review and voted on at the April 2022 Council meeting.
      • This will put the Policies review back into its original Spring timeslot, which is the dearest wish of our Baron, Baroness, and Seneschal.
  • Proposed Amendments!
    • See Proposed Amendments document


The change will occur in November.

Please try to get the changes and amendments to the Chronicler in time to publish them before the vote. 

Received proposals will be published before the next meeting.  

Officers Review Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot:

I will be reaching out to every Current officer, guild head, or activity head to confirm when you think your office is up for review, and to confirm if that activity/guild/etc is still an active group. Once complete I’ll have a list of Offices for Renewal, Offices in Need of a Person, etc for the Barony’s use. 

We lost sight of officer transitions last year, and a good deal of offices have slid by for a long time without review. We have people looking to help out and I would like to give them a chance if the Office is ready for changeover.

I would like all Officers to write up a short blurb about the workings of your office. I’m going to work with the Webminister to have a space where those descriptions are available so that there is a little less mystery in what some of these offices do, which I think will go a long way to helping these positions be filled by new and eager people.

New officers should still do this. If necessary, reach out to the former office holder for advice.


Etain: Saturday is University of Atlantia. It may still be possible to sign up for classes.

Eowyn: Note who got awards at falling leaves: 

Baron Firthuric: We have a new champion of performing arts: I Sebistiani (The greatest commedia del’Arte troupe in the entire world) has accepted the role until such time as they hold a championship.

Fiore: Article for the EK Gazette. 

Aarydyn: The gazette is looking for new staff. Please see the e-mail list for the full announcement.

The Kingdom is seeking a new Knight Marshal and many new Kingdom Marshal Deputies. See EK e-mail list or the facebook group for more information.

Dierdre: We have two people in the meeting with Patents pending: Cathain, Laurel and Symon Pelican.

Non-SCA Announcements

Remember to vote tomorrow if you have an election.

Send message