Baronial Gathering

Event Details

We are excited to announce the start of
quarterly Baronial Gatherings! These gatherings are intended as an
opportunity to get the people of the Barony of Carolingia together for a
chance to socialize and share in some of our favorite activities. They
will be rotating through Burlington, Brookline, and Needham in order to be
accessible to as much of the barony and its Cantons as possible. We will
be starting in Burlington for the month of November.

There is plenty of parking, and rides can be coordinated closer to the
event for those who will be coming by public transportation. I will post
to coordinate a potluck dinner as the event draws closer. There is space
for arts and sciences, music, dance, games, and fighting can be done
outdoors in the parking lot if the weather is nice. If there is something
you’d like to do that isn’t on this list, please let me know as we can most
likely make it happen.

Most importantly, this is a place to come get to know your fellow barony
members a little better and be able to see, plan, and talk about all of the
wonderful things that are going on within Carolingia! We look forward to
seeing many of you there!

Isabelle and Alanna