Canton of the Towers Project Day

Event Details

This event finished on 15 October 2017

We will meet from 3-5 pm to work on projects, then have a casual early evening potluck. Meetings are held at the home of Peter and Arlyana in Carlisle, MA. Wear mundane clothing. All are welcome.

(You may bring your own project, if you prefer.)

October 15:

For our October meeting, I’d like to ask everyone to do a little bit of advance preparation. I’d like you to consider autumn and early winter with regards to your persona, with the theme of Staying Cozy.

Then please come to the October meeting and, if you like, briefly share something new you’ve learned or something you are inspired to make. (Listeners are welcome, too.)

Autumn, in many places, is a time of plenty. The harvests are in, food is abundant, and preparations are being made for the long winter ahead.

Here are some questions for you to use as possible starting point.

Don’t know where to look? Feel free to ask for suggestions here.

Johanna (Minister of Arts and Sciences for the Canton of the Towers)/

1. What is going on in your city or village this season? (for example hiring fairs, hunting parties, civic gatherings like a court or all thing gathering)

2. What do you wear to keep warm (indoors or outside)?

3. What is your favorite mid-day meal to enjoy on a cold day?

4. Do you have any special outdoor pastimes? (for example, hunting, sledding, skating) Do you have special indoor leisure activities (for example, making music, telling stories, playing games, making toys) Does your day-to-day work change with the season, or does it stay the same all year long?

5. Do you have a favorite home remedy for a bad cold?

6. Do you know how to predict the weather? Do you know any proverbs about the weather?

7. Are you looking forward to any special seasonal treats/local specialties that are available this time of year? (for example, roast chestnuts, Michaelmas goose, aged cheese you set aside earlier in the year) Do you gather or make any of these yourself?

8. Will you be visiting any fairs or seasonal markets? Are you making things to sell there?

9. What sort of seasonal chores or repairs need to be done? (butchering animals, salting meat, mending hunting or fishing equipment, sharpening blades and scythes)

10. Are you buying, making, or preserving anything to enjoy later at a midwinter feast or holiday? Will you travel for any fall holidays or celebrate them at home? (Or maybe you plan to go to EK Crown Tournament or 12th Night…)