Carolingia Castellum Est

Event Details

Greetings! It has long been said that Carolingia is a state of mind, but
for one day, we invite you to consider Carolingia as a place – a place
where one might find historians, artisans, dancers, cooks, gamesters, and
many more convivial denizens.

Please join us on March 10 at Veasey Memorial Park in Groveland. Our plans
for the day include:

– an arts and sciences salon where you may spend your day with other
artisans as you spin, embroider, carve, paint, or whatever else might
strike your fancy.
– an arts and sciences exhibit where you are invited to bring your first
project in a medium or discipline that is new to you, so that we may
rejoice together in the enthusiasm of a new endeavour.
– a warm hearthfire and a comfortable room where you may examine the
history of Carolingia in various forms and hear tales of our colourful past
and present – perhaps even in poetry!
– a delicious lunch and supper, such as you might find at a village inn or
tavern – warm and simple for a cozy day and evening while spring is still
young and chilly.
– a great hall with games and space to play and meet your fellow denizens
– we especially welcome the families and children of Carolingia to the
– a lower hall where we plan some simple and cheerful dancing, a
children’s garb swap, and the marvelous skills of various Carolingian
– an opportunity to chat casually with our Baronial Coronet candidates
throughout the day.
– the myriad entertainments of Carolingia’s performers throughout the day,
as the Baron and Baroness hear from our talented populace as they make the
challenging decision of who will be the next Baronial Performance Champion!

In service,
– Dreda

Site Opens: 10 am
Site Closes: 8 pm

Registration: Site fee is $15 for adults; $10 for SCA members.
Attendees under 18 are $5; babes in arms attend at no cost.
Family attendance is capped at $40; $30 for SCA members.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA Inc.  MA – Barony of Carolingia

Event Steward:
Mistress Aildreda de Tamworthe

Send Reservations to:
Lady Eadgyth aet Staeningum

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