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Cooks’ Guild is one of Carolingia’s oldest and most fun get-togethers — we get together to play with period recipes (which generally aren’t anywhere near as precise as modern ones), try to figure out what they’re talking about, and cook the dishes.

New folks are always welcome. If you’re new, don’t sweat coming with a dish ready to cook: most folks get started by helping the more experienced cooks play, and we’ll have some period cookbooks available to pore over. That said, if anyone is interested in this and doesn’t know where to start, please just speak up: there’s a lot of info available online, and we’ll be happy to dig up some links…


Salve Carolingians!

This is a reminder that this Monday, the 20th, at 7pm the Cooks’ Guild will convene at Melville Keep. Our focus will be on Spring foods; I intend to make a dish of lamb, for instance. If you wish to explore lenten dishes, that is timely as well.

Hope to see you there,