Pattern Making Workshop: Second Date Added!

Event Details

Due to interest in this date as an option, I’m going to run this workshop a second time on May 19th. This will help break up the groups a bit and should make both workshops run a bit more smoothly! Come to either one to learn and get fitted, and if you attend the first and wish to come to this one to help out and get more practice, please feel welcome to do so!

This day will be spent working on making patterns for fitted gowns (sometimes referred to as cotehardies). It will be designed for everyone to both get fitted and to learn the basics of fitting a pattern.

What you should bring with you (If you have it):

1. Fabric Scissors
2. 2 yards of muslin, cotton, linen, or wool to make a pattern. Lighter colors are easier, since you will be making a lot of markings.
3. Pins
4. Needle and Thread for basting
5. Measuring tape
6. Patience. This is a slow process but it is worth it.

I will have extras of these items on hand, as well as sharpies, chalk, and a sewing machine to help with the basting stitches. If you know you will need pattern fabric, please let me know ahead of time.

Please come in comfortable clothes. These dresses are intended to be worn with no supportive garments underneath, and that’s typically how they are fitted. If you’d like, you can fit over a comfortable sports bra. Message me if you have questions or concerns about what to wear. (Due to the nature of this project, those who identify as male should message for a separate fitting time if interested in this style of dress. If you have any concerns about gender identity with regards to this workshop, please message so we can be sure you are comfortable.)

We will pair off, and I will walk everyone through how to fit a pattern on their partner. I will make sure we have an even number that day, and will be available to help with questions, trouble shooting, and directions throughout the day.

After you have a pattern, you can either make a gown from the pattern on your own, or if there is enough interest I can host a few sewing days/evenings to work through the next steps in taking it from pattern to dress.