The Battle of the Five Armies

Event Details

Let’s play a game of you and you and you and you and her and him fight.

The Shire of Quintavia has discovered gold and more in our hills, and, while the Barony of Smoking Rocks has graciously “guarded” our mining operations for the last year, Quintavia has many neighbors who may wish to “liberate” us from this arrangement. What’s more, our miners have recently discovered a magnificent stone that glows with an inner light.

There shall be competitions in all of the combat arts, A&S challenges for artisans, War Points specifically encouraging Youth participation, and even a riddle contest. All are invited to come support the Shire’s neighbors in their bids to see which Barony shall earn the right to bear the Arkenstone!

This event is co-sponsored by the Shire of Quintavia and the Barony of Carolingia.

Please see for full information and to pre-register. Many members of the Barony will be in attendance at this grand new event hosted by our neighbors to the west.