Towers Project Day

Event Details

The next Canton of the Towers project day will be Sunday, June 2, from 3-5pm**.

Peter and David will be showing us how to make wax tablets.

These are small wooden notebooks, with a wax writing surface instead of paper. You scratch notes into the wax using a stylus.

We will have wooden “leaves” to create the frame for each wax tablet. During the meeting we will pour beeswax and smooth the tablet edges before binding the leaves.

Materials for each tablet will cost 5 dollars for wood, wax, and cord.
IMPORTANT: Please reply by Thursday, May 30 to reserve materials to make a wax tablet. (There may be a limit on how many sets of materials will be available.)

You may bring your own quiet project, if you prefer.

The project portion of the afternoon runs from 3 to 5pm.*

Please wear modern clothing, medieval garb is not required to attend.

Parts of the project may take place outdoors, so bring a sunhat, chair, sunblock if you wish.

Newcomers welcome, all ages welcome!

**Following the Project Day, starting at 5pm, there will be a casual potluck dinner.

Please bring a main dish or side dish that serves 6 – 8.
******Important note: No pork products please!******.

Meeting is at the home of:
Peter and Arlyana

All are welcome.
Best regards,
Johanna (Minister of Arts and Sciences for the Canton of the Towers)