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Gun∂ormr Dengir asked 1 month ago

We, as a Barony, are clearly not perfect.  What would you identify as a weakness or place for improvement in the Barony and, as coronet, how would you address this?

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Zohane and Kassandra answered 1 month ago

Sometimes in a Barony with so much history and weight of tradition, it can be hard for new ideas and new people to get a foothold. We’d encourage those with new projects, events, or activities to come to us so we can lend our support to their endeavors. We would prefer to see the Barony try out new things, even if some fail, without waiting and analyzing every possible angle. 

Effingham answered 4 weeks ago

One of the weaknesses of the Barony has been the loss of the college groups.  There used to be a steady stream of new people from college campuses, and due to changes in campus life and our society as a whole, these groups have faded away.  We need to put a renewed energy into recruitment, PR, and social media presence.  We have not used social media as aggressively as we could be.  We want to embrace social media and use it to connect to more people, particularly younger people and young families.  We would work with the chatelaine, seneschals, web minister, and any other relevant or interested parties to figure out the best way to accomplish this.  There should be clear goals outlined in this process, guidelines for how the barony will handle online interactions, privacy, and other concerns, and regular feedback about how the process is working or not working.  We need to view social media, not just as a mirror for our e-mail or website information, but as a way to actively engage a viewing population who is now used to online celebrities as an everyday occurence.  

Raziya & Thomas

Alanna and Isabelle answered 3 weeks ago

We would love to see more baronial unity.  While it is great that our barony contains 2 wonderful cantons, many seem to think that they are restricted to be participating only within that specific group.  Those in the cantons also often see that as their local group and don’t think to go to something in the center of the barony or the other canton.  Adding to this, those in the more central area of the Barony who rely on public transportation often do not realize how easy it can be to get a ride with someone to a canton activity.  
We appreciate the pride many take in their canton, and we recognize the very real geographical (and traffic related) challenges that come from trying to attend activities in such a large region, but, we do think that in the end wecould do more to remember that these lines are drawn by zip codes and that we are all members of the Barony of Carolingia as a whole.  We feel strongly that expanding the number of activities that barony members feel welcome to attend can only be a plus.  To help encourage this, as coronets, we would make sure we attended all baronial activities regardless of location on a regular basis.  While finding sites to host things is hard, we would help support anyone looking to find new locations for activities that are convenient for both driving and public transportation, as well as being handicap accessible whenever possible.  
We would also make sure communication was clear and timely, so ideas from council get disseminated to all corners of the barony in as many formats as possible, and people who have ideas they want to propose for baronial events and activities get a chance to be heard even if they are unable to make it to a council meeting in person. In addition we would continue to encourage activities (such as the baronial gatherings and Carolingian encampments) that provide opportunities for the entire Barony to come together, for we feel that we truly can be stronger as a whole than if we are divided. 
Isabelle and Alanna