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Donovan Shinnock asked 1 month ago

Should you be invested, are there any changes to the Barony that you plan on encouraging or pushing for?

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Effingham answered 1 month ago

We have a number of changes that we would like to make.  This does not include everything we wish do do, merely the things that are significantly different.  
We want to create a set of well announced tasks that youth can help with, to get them be involved in a way that is fun and meaningful.
We want to move toward a core set of stable yearly events that include the majority of Baronial communities.
We want to use social media actively to recruit new members.
We want to rotate council through different geographic areas to increase participation.  
Lastly we want to look for input from the Barony as to whether or not they agree with us on these changes, and together come up with good ways to implement them.  
Thomas and Raziya

Alanna and Isabelle answered 1 month ago

In talking with people from all over Carolingia, we have heard that it can sometimes be difficult to really know everything that goes on in the Barony, and that this is especially true if you are new and looking to see what activities Carolingia has to offer. Therefore, if invested, we would seek changes that will create and encourage more integration and communication for both those currently playing in the Barony and with those who are looking to join in Carolingian activities.
We envision some of these changes coming through ensuring that all information for Baronial activities is complete and up to date on the website, and that those activities are getting regularly advertised via Facebook and email, so that everyone in the Barony is aware of all of the great opportunities within Carolingia. In addition, we would like to see changes to the published contact information so that there is some redundancy in who you can contact for more information on an activity or group, as sometimes life or technical glitches happen.
In addition, we would further this goal by continuing to offer a space for everyone in the Barony to gather regularly. By working to grow this concept into a consistent Baronial activity, and one that rotates through different regions of the Barony, we hope to better enable relationships and conversations between gentles from all over Carolingia, and to provide a warm and welcoming space for newcomers looking to see what the Barony has to offer.
~Alanna and Isabelle

Zohane and Kassandra answered 1 month ago

We’re starting from the viewpoint that Carolingia is a pretty great place, and don’t necessarily want to make any big changes. We would like to encourage more cross pollination amongst the different activities that we do – like joint sessions of different groups. Kassandra, for example, has been talking up a visit from our fabulous Carolingian Dance Mistress Mara to the Middle Eastern Dance practice so that we can have more contact between the two communities. 
A personal favorite of ours when visiting other baronies are events that are set at a particular time and place, giving us the chance to see our activities through a different lens. We’d love to encourage that sort of event locally. 
Finally, Carolingia’s populace contains many more families with children than it used to – or at least, it seems that way to us. We’d love to see a Baronial award that recognizes the input of the younger members of the Barony.