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Eowyn Eilonwy of Alewife Brook asked 4 weeks ago

In recent years, Carolingia has hosted relatively few events — many fewer than it used to hold on a regular basis. How would you, as the Coronet, encourage the organization of more local events?

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Effingham answered 4 weeks ago

We would like to start with reserving time at council to start a discussion about what events the barony needs, what it wants, and what has worked in the past.  This discussion will also be brought to the cantons, and any further reaches that request being brought into the discussion.  In addition the discussion will be mirrored online, by notes and by giving an online space to let people discuss the issue.  We will solicit new autocrats and also personally reach out to previous autocrats, and see if they would be able to mentoring those less experienced, who are willing to run an events.  We would try to combine different sub-community events into larger more successful events.  We want to focus on what will be enjoyable, because if it’s fun, success will follow.  There has been a press to do championships every year, as per a recent discussion brought up by their current Excellencies Nicolette and Colin, we will already no longer be pursuing every championship every year, so this will be easier to accomplish.

Thomas & Raziya

Zohane and Kassandra answered 3 weeks ago

To have more events, we need a healthy event-running engine. Because a small group of volunteers can get burnt out more easily, our focus would be on reaching out to more potential autocrats who are not already running events. We would like to bring back the idea of an autocrats’ roundtable, where veterans share their experiences planning and running events with those who are interested in trying it for the first time.
Of course, we would provide whatever support we can for our treasured current autocrats to help them continue running more great events. And, if someone has an idea for an event activity that might not be a full event on its own, we would work with autocrats of upcoming events to see if that activity could be included. We would be happy to explore alternative, smaller, focused event types as well if that would be a better fit for some activity.
We want to hear everyone’s ideas for what types of events they want to attend, and we would do our best to work with autocrats to make those things happen. We, for example, are very interested in more events that showcase all different sorts of activities within the setting of a specific time and place. We look forward to hearing from you.

Alanna and Isabelle answered 3 weeks ago

In order to encourage and support more frequent events within Carolingia, we would actively strive to create a full set of resources for those who wish to hold an event. This would include the autocrats guide that is currently being developed within the Barony, but also a clear protocol on how to bring an event from an idea to a reality and all of the steps and requirements along the way in that process. There are many people within Carolingia who have new ideas for both events and demos but who struggle to figure out where to start and who to talk in order to move those ideas forward. We feel that providing a clear process with easily accessible guidelines would aid in encouraging those gentles to take the next steps towards making their events happen.
In addition, in order to run many events as a Barony, it is important that we have a surplus of individuals who are willing and able to help staff those events in order to ensure that we are not creating burnout in a small group of people who are constantly planning and running events. To make sure that this is an achievable goal, we would encourage careful planning of the event calendar to avoid bunching of events in a short span of time, as well as encourage those who are currently very experienced in taking on the various staff roles at events to actively seek deputies and mentees for the jobs that they know well. We feel that sometimes other Baronial members may hesitate to step forward for an event staff position in fear that they are not experienced enough or that they are taking over another individual’s desired role, and that an active recruitment for individuals to learn new jobs from seasoned Barony members at events in the near future will help ensure fresh energy and confident and competent hands to take on those roles as more events are added to the calendar (as well as then be able to teach and mentor themselves!).
We would also encourage the Barony to consider bidding for Kingdom level events. Now that the East Kingdom Law provides for event bids to be submitted up to 24 months in advance, there is a significantly longer opportunity to plan for a Kingdom event, which could open up new site opportunities within our Barony. We feel that taking advantage of this change would be an chance to show the rest of the Kingdom the amazing talents of our Barony.
Isabelle and Alanna