The Fellowship of Philosophers

Carolingia is sometimes called the Scholarly Barony, partly for the several local colleges many of its founders attended, partly in honor of the University of Carolingia event which was held here annually for many years.  Given this background, it is not surprising that many Carolingians think and talk about SCA-related topics.

The Carolingian Fellowship of Philosophers was identified by Master Steffan ap Cenydd some years later, and has existed as a vaguely organized group ever since.  Its purpose is to discuss topics related to the Original Middle Ages, the Current Middle Ages, and the interfaces between the Current Middle Ages and the Modern World

All Carolingians are construed to be members of the Fellowship, and any
non-Carolingians who attend Fellowship discussions are honored guests.

The present Chief Fellow is Mistress Eowyn Eilonwy of Alewife Brook

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