Newcomer’s Nights

Newcomer Night is held once a month in Watertown MA, and serves to welcome those who are new to the SCA, new to the Barony of Carolingia, or simply new to the topic that is being discussed each month.  It is typically held on the 3rd Monday of each month, includes an optional potluck dinner, and begins at 7pm.  Topics vary each month, but are typically broadly applicable to those just getting started out in the SCA as well as those who are looking to learn what the East Kingdom and Carolingia have to offer. We are fortunate to have a mixed attendance of both newcomers as well as more seasoned members of the Society who can help contribute to discussions, offer suggestions, and who just want a chance to hang out and have fun with us.

Please visit the Baronial Calendar to see when the next Newcomer Night will be held, and to learn more about the topic and location.