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The Barony of Carolingia supports the values expressed in the statement from the SCA Society officer for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. “My SCA stands against bigotry. My SCA will not be silent…”

Baroness Zahra Tesfaye
SCA Corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

The Barony of Carolingia is the chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism located in Eastern Massachusetts, centered in the Greater Boston region. The SCA is a 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th century Europe.

The SCA sponsors events such as tournaments, feasts, and university sessions where members dress according to medieval and Renaissance styles, and participate in activities based on the civil and martial skills of the period.  Activities include costuming, armoring, and combat arts (including archery and rapier combat), calligraphy, dancing, music, cookery, and board and field games, plus a variety of technical and social skills which help establish the ambiance of life at a period court. Society events are open to the public, but, in keeping with the emphasis on living history rather than dramatic performance, all attendees are expected to make an attempt to preserve the atmosphere and fit in with the SCA’s standards of dress and behavior.

A statement from the Baron and Baroness
A statement from the Baron and Baroness

Greetings to the Barony, Thomas and I want to reach out to all of you during this troubled time. First we would like to say that we are taking the Covid-19 outbreak very seriously. We will be wo…


There are tens of thousands of active SCA participants, and local chapters of the SCA in all fifty states plus dozens of countries abroad.  The Barony of Carolingia was started in 1970 and is one of the oldest chapters in the SCA.

If you are a maker, an athlete, a performer, a researcher, an artist, a cook, an archer, a dancer, a lover of history or simply someone who loves to learn new skills and information – there is something for you in the SCA.

Council Minutes – Sept. 14, 2020
Lady Kassandra, the Seneschal, notes that it's September, in case you were having trouble with that. She continues with some announcements: The Carolingian Bylaws...
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Needleworkers of Carolingia – Rose Cloak
Now that it has been received, I'd love to point out the embroidery on Her Excellency, Contessa Margarita di Sienna's Rose Cloak completed by...
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Alric the Younger – Lund Stool
I am not a fan of a soggy bottom so I decided to make this simple project using leftover lumber and a few hand...
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Ástrídr Sægeirsdottir – Tablet Woven Band
I have created a tablet woven band, based on the Oseberg Burial Ship find. While the original band was created in silk and linen,...
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Sugawara no Naeme – Heian Japanese Ensemble
Displayed is a very informal Heian Japanese ensemble. This hitoe (red layer) and ginu (pink layer) would be worn over a white kosode and...
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Philippa Dyvill – Egg Tempera Self Portrait
This painting is a self-portrait made with homemade egg tempera paint. Egg tempera was a common medium of painting up through the end of...
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