Carolingian Orders

The Barony has four awards, called “orders”, which recognize people for their contributions in the areas of service, arts and sciences, and martial arts.


The are three polling orders. Members of a polling order have the right to advise the baronial heads on candidates to the order. The three polling orders are:

  • Order of the Daystar (for service)
  • Order of the Moon (for arts and sciences)
  • Order of Perseus (for martial activities)

There is one order which is not a polling order. It is the Order of the Comet, for excellence displayed by the youth of the barony.

The orders are required to meet twice a year, and to confirm the Principal of the order by voice vote once a year.  Currently the schedule for this is:

The Moons meet every March and September.
The Daystars, every May and November.
The Perseus’, every April and October.
The Comets, to be determined.