Baron and Baroness

Baroness Nicolette Bonhomme
Baron Colin Ursell
The Baron and Baroness are the ceremonial heads of our local group.


Baroness Aurelia Rufinia
President of the local chapter, responsible for the business side of the organization

Golden Gryphon Pursuivant

Þórý Veðardóttir
Head Carolingia herald, helps with registering a name or device or learning more about court or field heraldry

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Orlando de Medici
The exchequer is the group’s treasurer


Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot
The chatelaine is in charge of guiding new people through the Current Middle Ages, making sure that they get the information they need and connecting them to the things that interest them. She is the perfect person to ask if you don’t know who to ask.

Gold Key

Baron Cristoff Gockerhan von Loch
This officer is in charge of loaner garb and feast gear. Please contact Gold Key in advance of any event that you might like to attend to make sure there is something for you there.

Knight Marshal

Valerian of Somerset
Responsible for fighting practices, authorizations, promoting the activity, and guiding marshals-in-training

Marshal of Fence

Lupold Haas
Responsible for rapier practices, authorizations, promoting the activity, and guiding marshals-in-training

Marshal of Thrown Weapons

Symon of Barnesdale
Responsible for thrown weapons practices, promoting the activity, and guiding marshals-in-training


Gudrun Thorvaldsdottir
Keeper of baronial equipment and supplies. Please see the Baronial Inventory page for a list of items.


Symon of Barnesdale
Maintains the baronial websites and email accounts


Eadgyth æt Stæningum
Publishes news of local events, business meetings, and other happenings of interest to the barony

Minister of Arts and Sciences

 Mistress Ermengar la Fileresse, called Creiddylad
Encourages enjoyment and participation in the Arts and Sciences

Minister of Lists

 Erica of Carolingia
Maintains records of heavy and rapier fighters, coordinates tournament lists, and supports the baronial marshals


An unofficial reference can be found at which lists the official and unofficial offices held, and when they come up for review.