Baronial Charter

Charter of the Barony of Carolingia

We, King and Queen of the Eastern Kingdom, by right of arms and custom of the Society, by this present charter confirm and recognize that the Barony of Carolingia holds and shall hold its rights entire and its liberties uninjured; and We agree to maintain all Carolingians in their ancient liberties as written below to be had and holden by themselves and their heirs forever.


The Great Council of Carolingia

The Great Council meeting is the business meeting of Carolingia.  The Great Council is expected to advise the Baronial Seneschal on all affairs of the Barony, especially the setting of the calendar of events and the appointment of Autocrats, if time permits.  Voting members of Great Council are defined in the by-laws.



In accordance with the Corpora the Barony of Carolingia must maintain a full complement of officers. These must include a Seneschal, a Master or Mistress of Arts and Sciences, a Knight Marshal, a Pursuivant, a Chronicler, and a Chancellor of the Exchequer. In addition the Barony recognizes the desirability of the following officers: a Master or Mistress of the Lists, an Historian, a Master or Mistress of Jongleurs, a Baronial Secretary, a Master or Mistress of the Golden Key, and such other Officers or -pro tem- assistant Seneschals as the Seneschal may find appropriate to appoint. Each Officer must have a seat on the Great Council of Carolingia, and each Assistant Seneschal must have a seat on the Council for the duration of his or her term of activity.

Appointment and Removal of Officers

The Seneschal of the Barony shall be appointed according to the by-laws and must be acclaimed and accepted by the Barony. Unless otherwise provided by the Corpora or the laws of the Eastern Kingdom, all other Officers will be appointed by the Baronial Seneschal with the advice of the Great Council of Carolingia and pursuant with the by-laws of Carolingia and as provided by Society Corpora or the laws of the Eastern Kingdom. The process for the removal of any Officer will correspond to the process of appointment for that Officer. A Seneschal who has lost the support of the Council and of the Barony is expected to resign.


A Guild which has at least four members, has been active for at least six months, and has shown the merit of its art or craft to the populace of the Barony must receive a charter from the Barony; which charter must state the aims, standards, and structure of the Guild. The Guildmaster or Guildmistress [or the representative thereof] of each Barony-chartered Guild must have a seat on the Great Council of Carolingia.


An academic community which has received recognition from the institution at which it is based and which shows promise of active participation in Baronial activities must receive a Borough Charter from the Barony and must thereby be entitled to a seat on the Great Council of Carolingia.


A Canton of Carolingia which is recognized by the Eastern Kingdom is entitled to a seat on Great Council of Carolingia. Each Canton is entitled to aid and protection of the Barony as specified in the Corpora.

In consideration of Our Grace in signing this charter, reaffirming Carolingia’s rights and government as herein stated, the Barony of Carolingia pledges to the Crown of the Eastern Kingdom support in time of war, hospitality to Us at all times, and amenability to Our reasonable commands. For the benefit and education of Our subjects, the University of Carolingia will remain open to all inhabitants of Our realm on the same terms as it is open to Carolingians, and further, the Barony of Carolingia will present to each King of this realm, at His Coronation a rose for His Queen as evidence of Carolingia’s respect for courtesy and gentle arts.