Dance Practice

Learn the courtly and country dances of the Renaissance, just like a courtier of old! Dances are taught at each practice.


Dance practice starts up this week: we’ll run every Thursday, except Thanksgiving, through the 1st Thursday of December. We’re in the “New Balance” room this week.

Site info

The outside doors will probably lock sometime between 8 and 9 pm, though of course we’ll be able to get out. If someone is planning to show up late, may need to call someone at dance practice to open the outside door.

Enter from the parking lot. If you go in the gray-and-glass door, you’ll be in a little corridor with an elevator a bit ahead of you, and a door to your immediate right, which leads to the stairwell (which can also be entered by the outside door immediately to the right of the gray-and-glass door, but that one may be locked). Whether by elevator or stairs, go down to the Lower Level. With your back to the stairs, the “New Balance” room will be immediately to your right, then the restrooms, then a (probably) unmarked door which is the “Little Sprouts” room. From the elevator, go left to find the “Little Sprouts” room. We may be switching between these rooms.

If you drive there – beware of the one-way streets, consult a map that shows them or use your GPS, and note that the entrance to the parking lot is on Tremont St, behind the building. The parking lot is quite large (and its entrance is a ways down on Tremont St), but sometimes there’s another evening activity, and there is also on-street parking on Tremont Street. I suggest using “40 Tremont St Brighton MA” with your GPS, that address is approximately across the street from the entrance to the parking lot.

If arriving via MBTA, Oak Square is served by the 57 and 64 bus routes. (And you’re very likely to be able to get a ride back to the Red Line, afterwards.)

There is no water fountain, though I’m told the water from the restroom faucets is fine to drink. I’ll try to remember to stash some disposable cups in the kit, and you-all try to remember to bring your water bottles.

Local options for food are limited, the ones I spotted are of the “mostly takeout but we have a few tables” variety, for pizza, Thai, and Chinese. Also note that the later you intend to arrive, the easier driving into this site will be, so if driving, getting dinner elsewhere and arriving just in time for dancing is likely to be a good idea.

Event Details

This event finished on 07 December 2017