16th-century Florentine Clothing for Fiore and Frithuric’s Investiture

The Sewists of the Baronial Investiture Florentine Dream Team (listed by precedence): 

  • kennari Tasha Medvedeva
  • THL Ysane la fileresse
  • Lady Katla of Viborg
  • Lady Patience Faircloth
  • Lord Richard Heyworth
  • Petronia Casta
  • Elena di Cosimo
  • Rosa Elena of Carolingia
  • Eleanor inghean Mhic Congaill

THL Kassandra Aiantide made a Jerkin and Venetians of linen for A in Heraldic colors. Eleanor inghean Mhic Congaill made a white linen shirt for A.

These items are complete.  These Gentles have worked over many weeks to put together 16th-century Florentine Clothing for Fiore and Frithuric’s Investiture and appropriate late-period garb for our gryphlet.

Fiore patterned and cut the individual items for the investiture garb and the team worked on sections together often stretching their comfort level  as they worked to construct.  The doublet, jerkin, and veste bodice are complex patterns some of which involved pad-stitching and managing multiple interlinings.  This cohort took on this challenge meeting multiple Sundays to work together and complete these items in time for the Investiture recording at Harpers Retreat.

They made:

  • A Veste of blue taffeta
  • A Doublet of yellow taffeta
  • A Jerkin of blue Taffeta
  • Venetians of blue Taffeta
  • Finishing a yellow veil
  • Making heraldic cushions for the baronial seats
  • Making heraldic mask covers for Fiore, Frithuric and A

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