Carolingian Rapier Championship

Carolingian Rapier Championship

Event Details

Carolingia welcomes its fencers to compete for the honor of being Their Excellencies’ Rapier Champion!

Weather-permitting, we hope for the entire day’s activities to take place outside. The site has plentiful parking, and lovely grassy, shaded areas for activities and spectators. Ellison Hall has three bathrooms and an indoor hall which are available for our use.

Carolingia’s Low Company will also be in attendance, hosting their traditional summer Throwing Things At Things Gathering! So come along and enjoy the finest games that involve… well, throwing things at things.

We will have water and lemonade available, but encourage attendees to bring picnics or snacks, as no dayboard will be provided. Please consider bringing chairs or blankets for sitting outside. There should also be room for pop-ups, if desired for shade.

We expect the Rapier Tourney, as well as Low Company activities, to begin around 2pm. Rapier pickups will be happening all day, and we’ll have melee activities after the Tourney.

From the current Rapier Champion:

Greetings, fencers of Carolingia!

The time to compete for the honor of defending Their Excellencies and serving as Their champion is upon us!

To win the honor of serving in this role, each combatant will be put through a gauntlet of fights where they must show their skill, comportment, and valor against a gallery of selected fighters.
The combatants are encouraged to bring a selection of weapons combinations so they may choose to match their opponent, counter their opponent, or simply bring their best.

After the fighters have been tested, a final will be announced. The finalists must compete in a best 2 of 3 blows, bringing their best equipment and highest level of martial skill.

Notes: In order to serve as champion, one must be capable of attending events with Their Excellencies and be able to keep safe and store the Baronial Champions sword, tabard, and collar. If you are unable to serve but desire to participate, please let the MOL know so you may not be selected for the finals.

There will be space for fighters to enjoy pickups throughout the event.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Yours in Service,
Lady Millicent Rowan

Event Details