Framingham Fight Practice

Carolingia’s Canton of Aschehyrst hosts a Wednesday-night, indoor fight practice in Framingham, MA, featuring both armored combat and rapier fencing.

Entrance to Ellison Hall (and highlighted in this photo)

The Framingham practice is held at Plymouth Church in Framingham, in the basement of Ellison Hall, which is a separate building from the church. The church is located at 87 Edgell Road, Framingham MA just off of Route 9, near Framingham Center – see for directions.

When you get to the church, drive into the lot and to the back of the church. Ellison hall is in the white building to the side of the church. The door to the hall is on the edge of the building, past the building’s double doors (that look like an entryway). The door says “Ellison Hall” on it and looks a little like it might be a disguised Tardis.

There is plenty of room for a heavy list AND a fencing list.

It has tables and chairs that we are welcome to use, AND a giant kitchen, where arts & sciences meetings can be run, or folks can just come and kibitz.

There are plenty of bathrooms/changing rooms for everyone: two men’s rooms AND two women’s rooms.

It does cost money, so we will rely on contributions to keep it open (suggested $5 per fighter/fencer per night and maybe $2 per kibitzer?)

Please note, that the site is:

  1. Dry.  No alcohol use on premise.
  2. Smoke and flame-free.  No smoking of any type, and no open flames, both within the hall and on the church property.
  3. As is.  We are explicitly not allowed to affix hooks or tape to the ceilings.  Presumably, this is also true of the walls and floors.

Please wear non-marking footwear if you come!

For more information on the practice in-general, if any A&S groups would like to meet there, or if folks just want to have SCA-friendly socializing mid-week, please contact the Seneschal with any questions.  For questions pertaining to rapier combat, please contact the Carolingia Rapier Marshal.

For up-to-the-minute schedule changes regarding rapier practices, please check out the Carolingia Fencing Yahoo Group (subscription required).