Order of the Moon


The Order of the Moon is given in recognition of achievements in the arts which further the progress of those arts in the Barony of Carolingia in the Eastern Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. It is given to honor not excellence alone, but achievement combined with teaching or other dissemination of the arts such that a considerable impact has been made, and the place of those arts is secure within the Barony. All inhabitants of the Knowne World are eligible for this order, provided only that their services have been of especial benefit to the Barony of Carolingia.  More information about the Order can be found in Carolingia’s By-Laws. The Principal of the Order (the person who coordinates the Order) can be reached at moon@carolingia.eastkingdom.org

Members of the Order of the Moon

Date of InductionEvent of InductionName of Inductee
12/06/1975Christopher of the Fields
02/22/1976Roland de Bourgogne
02/22/1976Eugenie de Bruges
02/12/1977Johanna Dudley
04/30/1977Ygerne d’Annot
03/11/1978Patri du Chat Gris
10/14/1978Caryl de Trecesson
02/10/1979Ianthe d’Averoigne
05/26/1979Peridot of the Quaking Hand
06/16/1979Kathryn Goodwyn
05/03/1980Mara Tudora Kolarova
12/06/1980Larisa iz Kieva
12/06/1980Kobayashi Yutaka
10/09/1982Johannes von Nurenstein
11/12/1983Guiseppe Casazza
05/05/1984Gwendolyn of Middlemarch
11/03/1984Gilberto Basilio Gilberti
01/11/1985Laura Hawkwood
12/13/1986Maria von Morgenrot (Malice)
02/05/1988Kale Harlanson of Gotland
10/01/1988Davide Michelotto
10/01/1988Aquel of Darksted Wood
07/15/1989Frydherich Eisenkopf
07/15/1989Geoffrey Matthias
11/14/1989Justin du Coeur
02/17/1990Michael of York
04/27/1991Catrin o’r Rhyd For
04/27/1991Ygraine of Kellswood
05/11/1991Eliane Esperance
10/11/1992Sebastian Nightwind
10/11/1992Elayne Courtenay
11/07/1992Anton Winteroak
02/05/1994Tibicen Blackmane
02/05/1994Dante de Felice
04/23/1994John McGuire
05/01/1994Aleksandr Ruslanovich Yevsha
12/10/1994Nicolette Bonhomme
12/10/1994Alexander the Storyteller
02/05/1995Morgaine ferch Cadwr
04/30/1995Muiredach O’Siadhail
09/03/1995Caterina Sichling von Nurnberg
09/21/1996Arianwen ferch Gawaine
10/26/1996Jehan du Lac
11/02/1996Caitlin FitzHenry
11/02/1996Oohashi Katsutoshi
04/19/1997Rose Otter
05/04/1997Isolde de Beaumaris
05/14/1997Eleanor Catlyng
05/14/1997Margaret Holmwood
04/26/1998Yelizaveta Medvedeva
04/26/1998Franchescina Andreini
12/19/1998Rowan Kalkin
12/19/1998Morwenna Westerne
05/01/1999Fujimoto Saburo
04/30/2000Harold Longfellow
04/30/2000Maria Elizabetta Gonzaga
02/03/2001Larissa of Swanmere
09/21/2002Xandra Rozina Xiberras Galea (Rozi)
09/23/2003Luke Knowlton
11/16/2003Orlando dei Medici
12/04/2004Caitlin Davies
06/25/2005Klaus Rother von Schweinichen
06/25/2005Clara de Beaumont
04/30/2006Alison Winter, called Absentia
12/16/2006Peregrine the Illuminator
07/12/2008Udalrich Schermer
07/12/2008Zohane Faber
09/27/2008Cynthia du Pre Argent
09/12/2009Rosina von Schaffhausen
01/23/2010Eva Woderose
03/06/2010Cristovau Vasquez
08/07/2010Ermengar la fileresse, called Creddylad
04/30/2011Carolingian 40th AnniversaryEowyn Eilonwy of Alewife Brook
04/30/2011Carolingian 40th AnniversaryGundomr Dengir
05/08/2011May DayCassandra Boell von Bayer
07/10/2011Fergus MacRae
08/06/2011Safiya Shirazi
11/12/2011A Day at the Court of Harun al-RashidHugh Tauerner
02/18/2012Carnival in VeniceLucien de Pontivy
02/18/2012Carnival in VeniceAldreda de Tamwurthe
02/18/2012Carnival in VeniceMargreta Gyllenstierna
05/12/2012Baronial Investiture and War PracticeNastassiia Ivanova Medvedeva
05/12/2012Baronial Investiture and War PracticeSerene Brilliant
05/12/2012Baronial Investiture and War PracticeErzulie of Carolingia
07/10/2012Vissevald Selkirkson
11/10/2012A Day in the Caliph's CourtValerian of Somerset
11/02/2013East Kingdom Fall CrownAnne of Framlingham
05/03/2014Carolingian Family DayAlec Craig
04/04/2015Baronial InvestitureMadelaine de Mortaigne
04/04/2015Baronial InvestitureRaziya bint Rusa
02/13/2016Carolingian Service UniversityEadgyth aet Staeningum
02/13/2016Carolingian Service UniversityMatilda of Carolingia
09/17/2016Falling LeavesAaradyn Ghyoot
09/17/2016Falling LeavesGuinemer d'Anglade
03/25/2017Laurel's Prize TourneyElena Hylton
09/16/2017Falling LeavesMorwenna O'Hurlihie
09/15/2018Falling LeavesYsabel da Costa
12/8/2018K&Q Fencing ChampionsDonovan Shinnock
05/11/2019Otter's WelcomeThyra Eriksdottir
05/11/2019Otter's WelcomeFiore Leonetta Bardi
9/14/2019Falling LeavesKatla of Viborg
9/14/2019Falling LeavesDonato Favro
9/12/2020Falling LeavesAelia Fortunata
9/11/2021Falling Leaves (Final court of Thomas and Raziya)Anezka Liska z Kolina
9/11/2021Falling Leaves (Final court of Thomas and Raziya) Katerina Falconer de Lanark
9/11/2021Falling Leaves (Final court of Thomas and Raziya) Serafina della Torre
9/11/2021Falling Leaves (First court of Frithuric and Fiore)Elspeth of the Waytes
9/11/2021Falling Leaves (First court of Frithuric and Fiore)Timothy of Sherwood
9/11/2021Falling Leaves (First court of Frithuric and Fiore)Cathain Reiter
9/11/2021Falling Leaves (First court of Frithuric and Fiore)Remy Delamontagne de Gascone
4/3/2022Gathering of FoolsElla de Caleys
5/21/2022Otter's WelcomeSugawara no Naeme
9/10/2022Falling LeavesLeonete D'Angely