Baronial Meeting Minutes – April 4, 2016

Please contact the Secretary at with any questions or corrections.

  • It’s April, for real yo
  • Baroness
    • You made it, good for you
    • We’ve been busy, there is a new puppy…yes there will be pictures
    • We need volunteers, 2 specific opportunities and no experience needed.
      • Head retainer
      • Communication Czar
      • If you’re interested in these, please see the forthcoming email from their Excellencies
    • We’d like to hang the banners at the Higgins for coronation, for that transport assistance is needed Friday night from Stoneham->Higgins
  • Seneschal notes
    • Time for Bylaw amendments!  IF you want it discussed, please get amendments to the Seneschal by May council.  Any proposals need to be formally submitted by June council so they can be voted on at July council, which is July 11th, because July 4th is July 4th
  • Guilds
    • April 22 – Low Company in Framingham.  Let Amanda know in advance if you are coming in time for dinner (6pm)
    • Dance practice continues, Thursdays in Brighton.  There will also be dancing Friday the 15th at the 1st Church in Cambridge (11 Garden St).  This is taught non-SCA renaissance dance with live music by the Renaissonics
    • Quire – will try again for practice at 8:30pm on the 3rd Monday of the month, we will sing songs of spring, hopefully
    • Mathilda – Waytes are between gigs, but Udalrich has offered to run special purpose classes on early notation and Guillaume de Machaut, let her or him know if you ware interested and planning will happen
  • Past events
    • Historical events – 30 or so people were there for 5 hours of fencing.  We’d like to try it again sometime again.  The site is $50 an hour, could be use for heavy list if enough people were interested/willing to pay
  • Upcoming events
    • Archery and Thrown-weapons championship – August 27th, and a site is nearly reserved (Veasey Park).  Currently planning for a no-dayboard event to let people bring food and picnic.  $150 deposit is requested of a $550 overall rental fee.  Event proposes a budget of $600
    • Falling leaves – bid for K+Q Equestrian has been submitted, no update on it yet
    • Autocrats Colloquium – November 12th or 19th. Evaluating churches in Arlington
  • SCA Announcements
    • Coronation is this weekend, come to the armoury!  We could use more volunteers, specifically transporting food and cleanup
  • Non-SCA Announcements
    • If you’re not going to coronation, or can get back into Boston by 7pm, Mistress Lakshmi is giving an Indian dance recital at the BCA in the South End

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