Baronial Meeting Minutes – March 7, 2016

Please contact the Secretary at with any questions or corrections.

 1.  Officer Announcements

  • Seneschal: Aurelia Rufinia

SCA corporate has announced a change to the non-member surcharge and how it should be listed in event announcements.  In the East Kingdom, an event fee will now be referred to in announcements as the REGISTRATION FEE, it should no longer be referred to as a gate fee, site fee, door fee or entry fee in announcements or event calendars.  Also, a discount for minors must be listed or you will be required to collect NMS from non-member minors.

Also, I am looking for a Deputy Seneschal.  If you are interested, please contact Rufinia.

  • Seneschal of Aschehyrst: Raziya bint Rusa

Fight practices are every Wednesday in Framingham, starting at 7pm.

  • Thrown Weapons: Asher de Lincolia

The thrown weapons range in Carlisle has been raked out.  Practices will resume for the season starting this Sunday (3/13) at Peter’s house in Carlisle.  There will be a brief period during this practice only for target cleaning.

  • Exchequer: Hugh Taurner

If anyone has any questions about the implementation of the non-member surcharge changes, please contact Hugh.

  • Chatelaine: Aaradyn Ghyoot

We have a new Deputy Chatelaine, Juliana, who send along her greetings to the Barony!  Juliana lives on the South Shore.

  • Order of the Perseus: Kazimierz

The meeting of the Order of the Perseus will be following Council tonight.

  • Webminister: Cristoff

I am still looking for a replacement for the Webminister position.  Please contact Clockwerk or Aurelia if interested.

2.  Guild Announcements

  • Dance: Gundormr Dengin (standing in)

Dance practices have resumed in short sessions in March and April on Thursday nights starting at 7:30pm at the Presentation School Foundation Community Center in Oak Square in Brighton.  Quintavia is having their monthly practice next on Tuesday, April 5th at Camelot for those interested.

  • Dance: Justin du Coeur (standing in)

Also for those interested, the Black Rose Ball will be on March 12th.

  • Low Company: Justin du Coeur

The next meeting of the Low Company will be Friday, March 11th starting at 7pm at Chad & Amanda’s house. There may be a focus on backgammon variants, but all games are welcome.  Dinner is at 6pm, RSVP to Amanda if interested in dinner.

  • Jongleurs: Eowyn (standing in)

The Waytes are currently practicing to be performers at the Black Rose Ball.

The Quire will be meeting on March 21st at 8:30 pm at Vis & Mara’s house.

  • Calligraphers: Aaradyn Ghyoot

The next Scribal meeting will be on Sunday, March 20th at 1pm at Aaradyn’s house in Revere.  Alexander will be teaching the lettering guide and Gundormr will be teaching his source finding class.  All are welcome!

  • Service University Autocrat: Isabelle

Service University was held on February 13th, with 34 people attending.  The site has welcomed us back in the future!

Gundormr noted that Eadgyth and Matilde were inducted into the Order of the Moon.  Eowyn noted that lunch at Service University was awesome!

3.  Events/Proposals

  • Historical Fencing Workshop: Lupold Hass (standing in)

Devon Boorman of Academie Duello will be teaching a workshop on March 20th in Arlington for a 6 hour class.  The cost is $45 per person ($50 for non-members).  Remy is the point person for the event.

Hugh Taurner noted that if the SCA is paying the instructor for the event, the instructor needs to be paid by Baronial check, not cash.

  • Carolingian Company of Bowmen Shoot: Eleanora Stewart

Due to conflicting schedules, this event will not be in the Spring of 2016.  We are currently examining options for the Fall of 2016 or Spring of 2017.

  • Falling Leaves in Exile: Thomas

This event will be located at the 4-H site in Westford on September 17, 2016.  This event will also have tournaments for Baronial Rattan, Rapier, and Arts & Sciences Champions.  Also, pending their Majesties’ approval, this will also house the King & Queen’s Equestrian championships.

  • Otter’s Welcome: Svava Thorgeirsdottir

In honor of Mistress Rose Otter and her encouraging and welcoming spirit, we would like to organize a newcomer’s event!  This would be a donation only event at the YMCA camp in Dunstable (previous site of Legends of Chivalry) on October 15, 2016.  This event will include a treasure hunt and a mentor program (volunteers welcome).  The site will cost $600 with an extra fee available if people want to stay late or overnight.  My co-autocrat is Alaric.

  • Autocrat’s Colloquium: Catrin o’r Rhyd For

The Autocrat’s Colloquium will be a one day meeting (in mundanes) that covers all the things an autocrat needs to do to run an event.  This event would be in November 2016 (official date TBD) from 10am to 5pm with a lunch break, possibly pot luck.  Kobayashi has agreed to act as a liaison with his church in Arlington as a potential site.

  • Byzantine Cheese Fair: Gundormr

To elevate spirits in the depths of winter (sometime in February 2017) the people of Thesalonica invite those recently of Constantinople as well as those from farther afield to celebrate Cheese Fair with song, cheese games, dance, stories, a cheese making contest, drink (if we find an appropriate site) and CHEESE.  The event is proposed to be have a running day board but end before a feast.  Site and date are to be determined.

  • Laurel’s Prize Tourney: Dreda

A Laurels’ Prize Tourney comprises arts and sciences challenges offered by Laurels in their discipline. Each Laurel determines the scope and nature of his/her challenge, how it will be assessed, and how participants will be recognized (i.e., some may award each person who meets the challenge, some may choose a winner for their challenge). There is no overall competition; each challenge stands alone. Challenges are being solicited at this time; my plan is to post all challenges as far in advance as possible, and my hope is to post them in April 2016.

The event wil be a day event only; dayboard, no feast. I am planning to schedule it in mid to late March of 2017. I am still looking for a site.  Due to the breadth of disciplines among our Laurelate, the site must be at least discreetly damp. At present, I have seven Laurels committed, and nine other Laurels waiting on a concrete date. With two exceptions, I have not yet queried Laurels outside Carolingia, but plan to do so.

  • Baronial Archery & Thrown Weapons Championship: Eadgyth

Kazimierz and Erica have volunteered to co-autocrat this event, with Eadgyth mentoring.  Scheduling will be coordinated with a proposal given at next council meeting.

  • Children’s Event: Raziya bint Rusa

This event was last run 10 years ago.  This event would have archery, thrown weapons, and other events catered to children and families.  We are considering having the event at its previous location, Ashland Fish & Game, which previously cost $1000.  This would be scheduled in Summer 2017 with no feast and ending by 5:30pm.

  • The Battle of Five Armies: Aurelia Rufinia (standing in)

From Baron Colin, Draco from Quintavia is looking to sponsor a multi-group event in summer 2017.  The event would be for War Points among Quintavia and its border neighbors, with Points being accumulated for common (HeavyBattle, Archery, Equestrian) and unusual (Best Procession into Great Court, Most Impressive Baronial Encampment, Best Toast at the Feast) and some cool new ideas for involving the children. Also, given the nature of the event, a many-sided melee of unequal sides, shifting alliances, and hired mercenaries, may bring some interesting strategic elements to the activities.  The prizes will be glory and honor until the next Battle of Five Armies. Glory, in that you get to bear the Arkenstone. Honor, in that you get to pick the Order of Precedence if we ever do this again.  Date and site information to be announced.

4.  SCA Announcements

  • Eowyn: Black Rose Ball is this weekend (3/12).

5.  Non-SCA Announcements

  • Gundormr: There is a free exhibit at the Houghton Library in Harvard this month in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. This exhibit includes a first folio, Edwin Booth’s sword, and pictures of Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet.
  • Justin du Coeur: The Intercon queue has opened bids.
  • Dreda: I will be performing in Metamorphoses at the Davis Square Theater in Somerville from April 8-16. For more information, please visit