Baronial Meeting Minutes – November 6, 2017

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From Their Excellencies

Crown Tournament was a wonderful event, and several people in our Barony got awards!  Thory Vedardottir was inducted into the Order of the Silver Wheel.  Thory does a LOT behind the scenes here in Carolingia and at Heralds Point!  Damian Isolfsson was awarded Arms.  Thomas of Effingham was elevated into the Order of Defense.  Bryon de Burgh was inducted into the Order of the Silver Mantle and also received his Master thrower rank.  Congratulations to all!!

Officer Announcements

  • Order of the Moon: Gundormr Dengin

The meeting of the Order of the Moon will be immediately following Council tonight.

  • Order of the Daystar: Erica of Carolingia

The meeting of the Order of the Daystar will also be following Council tonight.

  • Order of the Perseus: Kazimierz

The meeting of the Order of the Perseus will be after the December Council meeting.

  • Chatelaine: Aurelia Rufinia (standing in)

We had one relatively new and one brand new attendee at Crown and they both very much enjoyed it. They’re looking forward to events and courts in the future.

  • Canton of Aschehyrst: Raziya bint Rusa

The next Aschehyrst monthly crafting night will be on November 15th starting at 7pm at the Plymouth Church, Ellison Hall (87 Edgell Road) in Framingham.  The focus will be on handworking projects.

Guild Announcements

  • Calligraphers: Aurelia Rufinia (standing in)

Due to scheduling and the responses of the scribes we will not have scribal in November. We will reconvene in December with a New Scribes Solar on Sunday, December 10th at 1:00pm.

  • Thrown Weapons: Symon of Barnesdale

The practice season for thrown weapons is drawing to a close.  Our last practice in Carlisle is usually around Thanksgiving, weather depending.

  • Dance: Gundormr Dengin (standing in)

Dance practices will be every Thursday from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at the Presentation School through the first Thursday in December, except Thanksgiving.  The Waytes will be playing live music for practice on November 9th.

  • Jongleurs (Waytes): Ysabel da Costa

The Waytes meet weekly on Mondays for practice.  They will also be playing live music for dance practice on the first Thursday of the month.

Baronial Election

There are 3 sets of nominees for our election: Thomas of Effingham & Raziya bint Rusa; Alanna of Skye & Isabelle de Montreuil Sur Mer; and Zohane Faber & Kassandra Aiantide.  Symon and Aurelia are setting up an online moderated Q&A system that will be open until 2 weeks before the first voting round.  There will also be a meet the candidates night, more information coming soon.  The meet and greet night will be videotaped as well.  Symon has requested all candidates email him a brief statement about their intent to run for the website.


  • Carolingia is a Village: Aurelia Rufinia

This event will be run by Aildreda de Tamwurthe on March 10, 2018 at Veasey Park in Groveland.


  • Isabelle & Alanna of Skye: The next Newcomer’s Night will be on Sunday, November 19th during the Baronial get-together night, from 4:00pm to 8:00pm at the Goldfish Swim School in Burlington.
  • Eowyn Eilonwy: Local elections are tomorrow, go out and vote!