July 2018 Baronial Meeting Minutes

July 2018 Notes

The Seneschal begins Council by handing out the ballots for the bylaw change, and the vote is taken.
(It should be noted that the Seneschal has forgotten her gavel–it is up to the populace to determine whether this meeting of Council is still valid.)

Everyone had an excellent time at EK 50 year but it is agreed that the heat was overwhelming. Their Excellencies postponed 50 Year court for a court at Pennsic.
Deirdre received a Silver Wheel, Aaradyn, Verity, and Leonete received their Silver Brooches, and Margretta got a writ for a Pelican!

Thrown weapons practice will be held in Carlisle tomorrow but there will be no practice this weekend because of GNEW

There is currently an open polling on the Moon list–please respond to the principal of the order.

We have a new Minister of Youth! But as all things begin so must all things end. Our Chronicler, currently in her 6th year of service, will be stepping down at the end of the year. We are required to have someone in this position; if you are interested, please talk to Eadygth.

Dance practice is on hiatus until October. Our dance mistress will be taking a break after the fall session. There are currently new masters and mistresses in training.

Waytes and Choir are both on hiatus until after Pennsic.

There is a a crafting night next week at Aeschryst. The theme is last-minute crazy Pennsic projects.


Storytellers will take place in approximately two weeks.

Low Company will return after Pennsic.

Embroiderers will meet on August 9.

A task force will take place on Sunday, July 29, to discuss money and profits.

Falling Leaves: The event will include a Rose tourney, equestrian events, and baronial investiture.
A tentativee schedule will be put out this week, including pre-registration information.
Dayboard will be capped at 200 people–Baroness Zsuzsy in charge (Paypal is accepted).

The ballot amendment has passed–there will be no more first round of polling for baronial candidates but non-members can still write to the royalty with their opinions and objections.

Council has agreed to allocate $150 for Her Excellency Baroness Nicolette to locate a replacement sword for our Baronial Heavy List Champion.

A discussion was had about fundraising for the barony versus fundraising for specific articles or objects and a reminder was given that donations to the barony are tax deductible.

The historian updates us on the EK 50th history projects: we had a lovely page in the program and a wonderful history booth with lots of things loaned for it. If you loaned something for the booth, the historian is working on returning it. We might also work on putting the memorial pages up on the Carolingian website as a more permanent home.

Next Council – Last Monday in August (27th), location Garcia Brogans (Moody St, Waltham) pending confirmation