Council Minutes – February 1, 2021

Council Minutes – February 1, 2021

Seneschal Kassandra says: it’s 7:30, let’s get this party started.  We have a bunch of stuff to go through tonight.  Is anyone running for the Baronial Seats who has not yet come forward?  (silence)

Candidates for the Baronial Seats:

Master Ivan Matfeevich Rezansky and Baroness Arlyana van Wyck introduce themselves; they have been around a long time (here or in Northshield) and have a long history of service, and look forward to serving the Barony.  They have ideas and would like to hear yours, and they wish to make newcomers welcome in our lands.  Note that Ivan is the current Seneschal of Towers.

Nobildonna Fiore Leonetta Bardi and Lord Frithuric Ulman have audio issues.

Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot and Lady Deirdre Grenewode say, Hello!  Aaradyn has been in the Barony about 8 years, but much longer in the SCA; Deirdre has been in the Barony for a long time.  They have stepped up out of a desire to serve, especially members with young families; they have a special interest in the arts.  Deirdre adds that she has done almost all the things (OK, maybe not equestrian) and likes it all, and wants to see it grow.  They want to work to re-engage people and get more events on the schedule.

Nobildonna Fiore Leonetta Bardi and Lord Frithuric Ulman have rejoined with audio, and introduce themselves.  Fiore has been in the EK for about 6 years, active in Carolingia for under 3 years.  As when she was in the Outlands, she regards herself as a servant artisan — to be of service and to create beauty.  Frithuric says, am I on camera?  He has been nearly 30 years in the SCA, since his college years.  They have lots of ideas and are in this for the long haul; Frithuric asks how to recover after the pandemic, what have we learned during the lockdown that we can bring forward as we rebuild.  They are excited to be in this with all of us.

Symon will be setting up a Q&A system on the website so people can ask questions there and the candidates can answer. The candidates will also have platform pages where they could post some basic info (in progress).

Planning for Zoom Q&A sessions – tentatively 2/15, and also 3/8 if there’s interest in two.  Since we can’t meet at an ice cream shop this time, these will be online.  The Q&A session(s) will be recorded and placed on the Carolingian YouTube channel/website.

Election Process:  There is no longer a first round poll at Council – as of the last election, there was a vote to establish the order the names would appear on the ballot, but now the bylaws state that they will appear in alphabetical order. 

Kassandra says: In the next few days, I’ll be starting the bureaucratic wheels turning. My hope is that we can begin the actual polling in mid-March, to finish at the end of April. After that there is a several week period of tallying, and then the results are delivered to TRM, who have a month to respond. 

For the election to be valid, the Kingdom needs to receive more than 50% of the ballots back. Members of 14 years of age or more will be tallied. Only current members may vote — so up your membership if you want to receive a ballot. 

Kassandra requests to approve the following election spending:  $250 in postage, plus envelopes (2 per), return address labels, address labels, printing the ballots, etc. The last election cost $314.17.  Approved by a show of hands.

Fortunata asks how to ensure that her ballot is mailed to the correct address?  Kassandra answers that it will go to the address on file with your SCA membership.  Arngeir asks about location of one’s residence?  So sorry, Arngeir, you now live in Quintavia, which is not in Carolingia.

There is a request for reimbursement for archery supplies to Company of Bowmen, via Arlyana. Total is $189.17. (Above $50 guild/activity reimbursements is $89.17.)  In response to a question from Eowyn, Arlyana and Peter explain that the money will go to purchase new cores for their targets. The expenditure is approved by a show of hands.

Officers of the Barony:

  • Baron Thomas of Effingham and Baroness Raziya bint Rusa have no announcements.  They are working on a Court, to be posted on YouTube, and will be announcing a new Archery Champion.  Their first biweekly A&S night was well-attended.
  • Seneschal of the Canton of the Towers:  Master Ivan Matfeevich Rezansky says that Towers will be having an A&S event followed by a business meeting.  He is seeking candidates for a replacement Towers Seneschal.
  • Chatelaine:  Patience says there will be a link going out later this month for a Newcomer Night; Fiore will come to do embroidery stuff.
  • Chancellor Minor:  Lady Fiore di Bardi assures us that all children are accounted for, except for that one we lost to Quintavia; we may have to go to war to get that child back.  Prospects for war are discussed briefly.
  • Chronicler:  Baron Kendrick del Grenewode says that, if the candidates would like statements to be printed in the next Minuscule, they can send text and a photo, but do send them soon.
  • Dancemistress: Lady Aelia Fortunata notes that dance practice is still on hiatus.
  • Chancellor of the Exchequer:  Kara Irini Bint Todori has nothing further to add, but would like to speak to Arlyana after the meeting.  
  • Golden Gryphon Pursuivant: Anezka of Carolingia continues to hold Heraldic Office Hours online, but the day has changed: first Tuesdays, 6:30 – 9:30.  Heralds Point is now online:
  • Historian:  Mistress Eowyn Eilownwy of Alewife Brook has two items: First, she needs new storage for the archives, which are presently in Margreta and Katla’s basement, but they are moving.  The size and bulk of the archives are described; suggestions and help are solicited.  Second, she is writing a Baronial history to be posted on our website, and contributions are invited.  On topic One: Should the archives be digitized?  People like paper, but digital archives are more accessible.  Margreta notes that having an inventory would be very helpful.  Peter is seeking a photo of Marian of Edwinstowe, does anyone have one?  Yes, Symon has one.  Aaradyn has professional expertise in digitizing documents and is very willing to help with that project.
  • Knight Marshal: Baron Valerian of Somerset says that his activity is still banned, oh well.
  • Marshal of Archery:  Master Peter the Red affirms that archery is taking place in good weather (as in, not today).  Anybody is welcome, contact Peter on Facebook or call him at the number provided in the chat.
  • Marshal of Fence: Lord Zohane Farber informs us that Remy is still doing online fencing classes every Monday and Thursday night; ask him for details.
  • Marshal of Thrown Weapons:  When asked, Lord Arngeir Refskegg says “nope”.
  • Webminister:  Lord Symon of Barnesdale says there is a new section of the web site for the upcoming Baronial election.

Principals of the Baronial Orders: 

  • Moon:  Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot is accepting nominations for the Order of the Moon.  Fiore points out that a Finalist and an Honorable Mention, as well as some Judges, from Kingdom A&S are on this call.  Beautiful work, everybody.
  • Perseus: Lord Pandaulf of Fenmere is also accepting nominations.

Representatives of the Guilds and Activities:

  • Low Company:  Master Justin du Coeur had a spontaneous Low Company meeting last night; about 20 people learned some period card games.  Now that Arisia is over, he is ready to organize something for the Barony, suggestions welcome.
  • Needleworkers:  Fiore announces that the next meeting will take place 2/25 at 6:30; she is hoping for a guest instructor.


Otter’s Welcome – Patience is delaying Otter’s Welcome till we can meet in person. If other folks are interested in running it virtually, they are welcome to volunteer, with her blessing. She is considering having Otter’s Welcome “sponsor” online events for newcomers like a game night or royal chat — this will be discussed at a later date.  Later, later.

Falling Leaves – Katla has been in touch with the Falling Leaves site to see how they’re approaching future events. The 4H Fairgrounds in Westford are not yet officially scheduling for next fall yet. Pending coronavirus restrictions lifting, they are willing to give us first dibs on the weekend of Sept. 10-12th, 2021, if we want to move forward with planning. She needs the permission of this Council to lock in dates.  If an in-person event is not possible, Katla would like to hold an online event, as we did in 2020.  Thomas notes that it would be nice to put up the security deposit for the sake of goodwill with the site owners.  Last year we put a $100 deposit, which we donated, as they are a non-profit.  It is generally agreed that we like that site a lot.   Will this be a camping event?  Probably not, but we do have a 3-day slot — we’ll see how things are going. 

Regarding a possible online A&S event in the spring: Kira says this will be further delayed, not this month or next — stay tuned for further updates.


Fortunata declares that she has 2.5 SCA-related announcements.  First, Reading MS Roundtable is coming up this month, doing 4th-6th century Greek — contact Gundormr for details, no knowledge of Greek is required.  Second, on March 6, she is teaching a Latin Class at Panther Vale’s Studium Generale.  Second-and-a-half-th, the Canton of Whyt Whey’s Saturday Night Solar will take place on March 27, and Fortunata will be talking there about religion in Rome.  (The Secretary would like to note that she personally considered that to be three full announcements.)

Justin says that virtual Arisia was surprisingly successful, including an online fencing demo.  Boscone is coming up in a few weeks (Presidents’ Day weekend).  

That’s it!  Stay tuned for an announcement of the Baronial candidates’ presentations.  Thump, thump, thump.