Council Minutes – January 2019

Seneschal Margreta says:  Welcome to 2019!

Her Excellency the Baroness says: 

  • Awards were given at K&Q fencing, see below
  • Encourages discussion of new candidates for Baronial orders
  • Archery round table was held
  • How can we have more archery events? esp. Company shoots
  • German club: where is there room for a shoot, so that it doesn’t conflict with other fighting?

Officers’ Reports:

  • Daystar will meet soon; so will Moon
  • Chatalaine: there will be a newcomers’ event soon
  • Aschryst will have a craft night this week, bring your stuff
  • Perseus will meet after Council
  • Dance starts again in March, watch your email
  • Chancellor Minor will soon have a deputy!
    • if you would like to be a Youth officer, contact Fiore please
  • Chronicler has turned in his annual report!  81 pages long (due to printing errors)
  • Minister of A&S: if you would like to do A&S things, speak to Caterina
    • If you’d like to be the next Minister of A&S, also speak to her

Guilds and Activities Reports:

  • Calligraphers is on hiatus for the Winter months in anticipation of snow
    • There are new calligraphers!
  • Storytellers had a rollicking meeting yesterday doing the poetic Edda
  • Embroiderers Guild met in late December; there are new members!
    • Will meet next on January 17 at 6:30
  • Waytes are playing at Arisia, will play at Black Rose Ball
  • Quire continues to meet twice a month
  • Thrown Weapons: there are now axe-throwing bars open.  Axes plus alcohol, what a great idea!
  • Heraldry: December newcomer night had a heraldry session!  More to come.
  • Gundormr will be teaching on Books of Hours at Camelot, Jan 22, at 7:00 PM

Margreta proposes a voice vote for the next Seneschal of the Barony.

  • Kassandra is elected unanimously.  Yay!
  • If you have ideas for Council meeting space, contact Kassandra

Winter Nights:  Dreda, proxy for Peregrin says: 

  • Winter Nights will take place 2/9 at Veasey Memorial Park.  Please pre-register.  
  • Bring a comfy chair if you have one.  
  • Volunteers for setup and cleanup may speak to Peregrin or Dreda.  
  • Help with Dayboard would also be welcome.

Otter’s Welcome: Kazimierz and Kira say:

  • A lovely brochure has been produced (Oooh! Aaah!).  We hope to distribute it at Arisia.  
  • Pricing was announced.
  • Volunteers are needed for many things (dayboard, childrens’ activities, newcomer-friendly activities, martial activities, A&S).  Activities involving something you can do or take home preferred.  
  • Dreda is A&S coordinator.  We can get on site early (Friday) to set up.   Hopefully A&S things will go under canvas; Dreda would like tents for this.
  • Would prefer that this not be a Royal Progress, so as not to intimidate newcomers and to keep parking under control (but Her Majesty may still attend).  
  • Are student discounts allowed?  Orlando thinks it’s OK.

Falling Leaves is being planned for Sept. 14

  • discussion of scheduling for Crown Tourney, how to handle rain (tents?)
  • Baron Thomas: possible alternative site in Natick with a field and old house

Arisia is happening!  Justin says:

  • Everything you knew 6 weeks ago is wrong!  New location, attendance cap.
  • Renaissance Ball will be in the evening: Grand Ballroom B, Saturday 7:30 to 9 PM, right after fencing demo.
  • This is a big demo for us.  Garb optional.  It’s big, it’s fun, do come!
  • Family-friendly Ball in the Morning, also Grand Ballroom B.
  • Volunteers for gate are needed; speak to Caitrona.

Baron Thomas solicits people to play Pokemon Go.

The new Secretary (Ysabel) requests that people state their names before they speak.

Eowyn says:  there were awards given at Royal Fencing championships. Colin was made a Pelican! Many other important and well-deserved awards! (See below)

February Council will take place on 2/4 in Some Location, To Be Announced.  Please give suggestions to Kassandra.

Here follows a brief summary of Awards granted recently to Carolingians, which were announced at Council or mentioned afterward to the Secretary.  Congratulations to all!

If you would like awards to be listed in future Grand Council Minutes, please send the details to the Secretary’s Baronial email address.  

Awarded at K&Q Fencing Champions:  Colin Ursell — Pelican; Anastasia da Monte — Perseus; Donovan Shinnock — Moon; Remy Delamontaigne de Gascogne — King’s Champion; Magdalena von Kirschberg — Silver Brooch; Jacobus Jaeger Draak, known as Hunter — Silver Rapier; Lupold Haas — writ for MoD