Council Minutes – February 4, 2019

Seneshal Margreta says: Happy February!  Our football team did marginally better than the other team (or maybe that was our axe throwers?)

Her Excellency Baroness Raziya says:  In Curia, it came up that more people are needed to help run Birka.  She solicits people to volunteer; seeking an Autocrat, Innkeeper (new office), etc.  It would be very good to help our neighbors in Stonemarche with this.  Send email to

Officers’ and Guilds/Activities Reports: 

  • Chancellor Minor:  Kazimierz reporting on Fiore’s behalf.  He is now Deputy Chancellor Minor.  Exploring ways to increase youth participation, and make regular meetings youth-friendly.  Also thinking about Youth Ambassadors for Otter’s Welcome.
  • Storytellers is not happening in Feb due to two other bardic events.
  • Calligraphers is on hiatus until March (weather permitting).
  • Embroidery:  next Mini-Thimble will be 2/26 at Fiore’s house.
  • Dance:  Justin thinks it will restart on the 1st Thursday in March.
  • Low Company:  Justin says let’s do something soon, talk to him.
  • Waytes and Quire:  come play with us. Quire will be doing Choral Ball music, Waytes are rehearsing for the Black Rose Ball.
  • Aschryst Craft night:  come craft with us on Wed. Feb. 13.
  • Accademia della Danza: Sunday Feb. 17 at 11 AM, last one at Gundormr’s place.
  • Newcomer Night:  Alanna says this will next occur on Feb. 18, on the topic of retaining.

The Seneshal says:  Curia was a thing at Birka.  It was proposed that any Royal Progress event must send 20% of its profits to the Kingdom.  A cap was considered but dropped.  Discussion of which events will be RP; difference between Kingdom and Royal Progress events; possibility of waivers; fair distribution of the financial burden among local groups.  Last year’s Falling Leaves event earned Carolingia a profit of $4600, it is proposed to loudly contribute 20% of that ($860) to the Kingdom; so affirmed by vote of the Council.  

Her Highness Princess Fortune says:  Falling Leaves (9/14/19) would be a good Equestrian Champions event.  Could Carolingia also host Crown Tournament in November, in that case?  Yes, those are three whole months apart and in different reigns, why not.  When is Ducal Challenge?  9/7/19.  So yes, Equestrian could be at Falling Leaves.  It is agreed to place a bid.

Peregrine says: Winter Nights (for which he is Autocrat) will be next weekend at Veasey Park in Groveland.  All performers, come perform!  Three rounds are described, with optional challenges.  Event will be over at 6, out at 7, so people can go out to dinner afterward.  Dayboard will be served; it is promised that nobody will go away hungry.  More volunteers would be welcomed.

Otter’s Welcome:  There will be a call for volunteers after Winter Nights.


  • Justin:  Team Arisia is putting together a team for a crisis center.
  • Dreda:  Liber data is an issue, would appreciate help with Excel.
  • Eowyn, reporting on awards given to Carolingians at Birka: Lord Giles William Trout, called Billyfish, was inducted into
    the Order of the Pelican. Master Peter the Red and Baroness Arlyana van Wyck were both received into
    the Queen’s Order of Courtesy.
  • Offices up for review:  Calligraphy, Storytellers, Fencing marshal, Liber editor; also Rides Coordinator.

Margreta: I’m done as Seneshal!!  Yay!!