Council Minutes – June 1, 2020

Seneschal Kassandra began the online meeting promptly.  Her opening words are unfortunately lost to history, as the Secretary was late to tune in.

  • The EK will be holding Ethereal Courts in which they give out awards. If you have an East Kingdom wiki page, please consider updating it to reflect whether or not you’d be comfortable receiving an award. You can add a category for Yes or No for Ethereal Awards. If you don’t have an EK Wiki page, please consider making one. 
  • Baron Thomas and Baroness Raziya are interested in having new coronets made for the Barony. To look into this, we need to get suggestions for artisans, as well as estimates from those artisans. If anyone would be interested in helping to do this, please contact Thomas. 

Guilds, Activities, and Baronial Orders:

  • Dancemistress Fortunata notes that this would have been the last week of Spring dance practice, which is sadly now closed.  If you want to get your groove on, the Dancers of the Known World are putting together a video of Gracca Amorosa; contact Fortunata for details.
  • Ysabel (Waytes and Trumpets): For her next Ethereal Court on June 13, Her Majesty solicits images of people involved with music in all its forms: playing it, dancing to it, listening to it.  Please send your photos to by June 10.
  • Aiden is handing over the role of Principal of the Order of the Perseus to Pandaulf.  The hand-off process is ongoing.
  • The Storytellers will have a Zoom meeting on Monday June 15, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.  Topic: Norse Sagas and Show-And-Tell. Idea is to “bring a passage from any saga – any saga – and read it to us”  as well as “bring some SCA artifact – show it to us and tell us about it”.
  • Justin says that the Low Company will hold a meeting on Friday June 19 to play Nine Men’s Morris on some online platform, TBA.  Talk to Justin or Symon about platform suggestions.
  • Aaradyn: A pop-up scribal meeting will be happening again (sorry about last time not happening).  See the YouTube Channel of Camille de Jardin.


  • We have one event on the schedule for the 2nd week of September. Yeah.  We are having a lot of serious conversations about pandemics and events for that time frame.  Eleanor says: Point-of-sale payment for Gate is encouraged to avoid more touching stuff and people crowding around.  Discussion of port-a-johns, changing tents, and waiver-signing ensues.  Dayboard does not seem possible unless food is pre-packaged.  We hope to have a better idea what is feasible by next month; we may not be able to break even with a number of people we can support safely.  


  • Justin announces that the Reading MS Roundtable is ongoing.  We go through an actual medieval manuscript letter by letter to decipher the hand; this is geeky fun.  Next meeting Sunday June 14; see Gundormr for more information.
  • Arlyana reports that archery practice is available for one or two people at a time with social distancing, call and make an appointment.  Teaching is available.
  • Baron Thomas mentions that fencing masks with anti-virus face screening are being developed.
  • Aaradyn reports that Known World Heralds and Scribes has gone completely virtual this year.  Registration is still open.  The Reading Manuscripts Roundtable will participate.  Sign-up link for Known World Heralds & Scribes:
  • Non-SCA-related: Eadgyth notes that World Fantasy Con 2020 (November) has gone virtual.

At this point, the official meeting adjourned.  Many participants hung around to chat online.