Council Minutes – March 4, 2019

After Kassandra’s first official gavel, matters proceeded thus:

  • Seneschal: We will be in the meeting room at the Waltham public library for the next three months; many thanks to Yeliz for securing the space. Please note that we must depart no later than 8:45.
  • Aschehyrst: Craft Night is next Wednesday (3/13) from 7:30-9:30 at the Plymouth Church site in Framingham and will be a tunic workshop. Bring fabric if you have it, and if not we can likely still set you up with a pattern. (The intent is to get to the point of being ready to sew.)
  • The April craft night will be Middle Eastern Dance with Mistress Anne of Framlingham. (With sufficient turnout, Anne might be persuadable to run a six-class session – come dance!) May craft night will be cross stitch.
  • The Canton meeting will be next Monday (3/11) at Dierdre and Symon’s house at 8pm. (Please do not ring the bell as it will wake the toddler.) The topic will be “should we stay a canton?”
  • Towers: Towers is in search of a new seneschal; please come to the Carmichael’s house in Carlisle on Sunday, 3/10 at 1pm to meet the candidates and chat. At 3pm the conversation will turn to the making of needle books. If you would like to become a candidate yourself, please contact Kassandra and plan to come to the meeting!
  • Chatelaine: many new peoples! Hurrah!
  • Miniscule: Kendrick has produced his first Miniscule as Chronicler! (Applause from the assembled.) He notes that the transition from Google docs Miniscule to Microsoft Publisher Minuscule is complete and was seamless. There will be an April edition and a May special edition focusing on outdoor topics. If anyone has an idea for an article or has a story to submit for April, please send them to
  • Dance: Dance practice resumes for the Spring! Thursday, March 7. 7:30-9:30 at the Presentation School Foundation Community Center (640 Washington Street, Brighton MA). Fortunata promises treats!
  • Exchequer: Yay monies! We have some.
  • Thrown Weapons: Range closed due to many inches of snow, but think hopeful thoughts of spring anyway.
  • Minister of Arts and Sciences: Catriona is in search of a successor; please contact her and/or Kassandra with your interest.
  • Daystars: there will be a meeting immediately following April Council.
  • Quire: Due to low involvement, the Quire is going inactive at this time. Parties interested in its revival should contact Kassandra.
  • Waytes: Practice for Black Rose Ball continues apace.
  • Calligraphers: starting up again this month (3/6) at the Presentation School in Brookline. They are moving to an every-other-month format (so the next meeting will be in May), and are also considering plans for upcoming field trips and perhaps some weekend scribal fun.
  • Aaradyn is voyaging to Gorham ME on Saturday for a Malagentian Scribal Moot that is focusing on backlogs; if you are interested please contact her.
  • Cooks: There will be a meeting on 3/31 in Lynn at Zohane and Kassandra’s house. No set topic as yet but there will definitely be tasty medieval food; if there is something you’re particularly interested in, please contact Zohane.
  • Needleworkers: There will be a meeting 3/28 from 6:30-9:30 at Fiore’s house in the Back Bay (dinner provided!). An impressive number of new folks have paneled their first Athena’s Thimble pieces since Birka, and the needleworkers were able to provide 22 Queen’s favours to TRM. Hurrah!
  • Middle Eastern Dance: There will be a Dance Regional at the same time as the Fencing Regional practice – 3/17 from noon to 4pm at the Cambridge War Memorial.
  • Rapier: There will be a regional fencing practice 3/17 from noon to 4pm at the Cambridge War Memorial.
  • Storytellers: The next meeting is 3/13 from 7:30-9:30 in Billerica at the home of Lillie van der Tam. Please contact Lillie to rsvp wo there can be enough snacks.
  • Event Stewards Committee will meet April and May at 6:30 before Council in the Council meeting space.

Winter Nights had 47 happy attendees. Particular kudos to Dierdre and her staff for delicious food, and Zohane and his staff for speedy and efficient setup and cleanup. The event did not break even, but fun was still had.

Otter’s Welcome – the site has had a setback, in that their large pavilion is not structurally sound and will be under construction during the event. As apology, they have dropped their fee from $500 to $350. We are now looking for additional canvas for the event to compensate; please contact Kira if you can offer a large tent or fly. (We can get onsite Friday for setup and can also do teardown on Sunday, which will make canvas-wrangling easier.)
The event is in search of door prizes and also someone to run the door prize dispersal; please contact Kira and Kaz if you are interested.
Price schedule has been adjusted so that a reduced rate applies up to the age of 18, as opposed to 13.
Quintavia and Stonemarche are in conversation with us via their chatelaines and are planning to be involved with the event.
There are fabulous flyers for you to give to people; they are also available digitally via the baronial website.

Falling Leaves: No updates at this time.

Demo: Svandra comes to us from the most southern point of Carolingia to engage interest in a 6/15 “Tee off the Library” event at the Brookline Public Library. They will be closing their stacks and turning them into a Renaissance Faire Mini Golf course and would like to involve us. They are particularly interested in having fencing in the stacks. Svandra will be sending out an email and also creating a FB group for discussion.

Awards: Lupold Haas is now a MoD as of K&Q Bardic Championships. At the same event, Katla of Viborg received her Silver Brooch and Elena Hylton was made a Baroness of the Court.

Many thanks to Dreda for taking these notes.