Council Minutes – May 3, 2021

Council Minutes – May 3, 2021

Seneschal Kassandra says, Welcome to May, here we are!  Reminder of my announcement last month: I still intend to step down after Baronial Investiture, so now we’ve got 5 months to find a new Seneschal.  Which is one of the things we need to have, to have a Barony.  Please let me know if you are interested or have questions. 

The first item will be Kira for Daystar and MoL updates, because she has another engagement.  First, the Order of the Daystar will have its annual meeting after June Council.  Second, she will be stepping down as Principal of the Order of the Daystar; if you’re interested in becomine the new Principal, please talk to her.  As Minister of Lists, she is also stepping down and looking for a replacement before the end of the year.  It’s not hard; if you’d like to do it, again talk to Kira.

SCA regulation updates about reopening: There was a BoD sponsored Town Hall on Covid 19 Reopening. The resulting rules/advice are confusing and occasionally contradictory. There has been a change since then; gatherings held at private homes or yards can now ask for vaccination status.  Kassandra is happy to go over any details folks would like. At the most basic level, events are outdoors, masked, socially distanced, no camping, no food or beverages can be provided except single serve pre-packaged items (such as individual bottles of water). No water-bearing is allowed unless it’s sealed single bottles of water. Contact tracing sheets have to be kept, including for practices.  Arngeirr points out that the Seneschal of Quintavia claimed a written variance is required for asking whether attendees have had vaccinations?  Kassandra replies that this policy is in flux and not yet put into writing, and events are different from practices.

Officers of the Barony:

  • Practice updates/Exchequer request:  Karl Meerstapa says that Framingham fighting practice is looking to start back up in June. Hoping to use the same church site at $55/week, paid for (almost) every week, whether practice is held or not.  With the complications of getting checks signed by two people by mail in a timely fashion, we’d like to start paying a month in advance, and then Master Karl will send a check to our Exchequer with the collected donations. As practices are just restarting, and attendance is a bit of a mystery, there is potential for some loss of money in the short term. $55 per night, one night per week. Hope to start first week of June, so $165 for the month with the hope that it will be reimbursed by the following month. 
  • People who want to re-authorize for Crown Tourney must do so by June 1.
  • Torvald discusses martial practice taking place in Towers on May 23.
  • Peter the Red says that Archery is happening at his place, by appointment — give him a call.  
  • Chancellor Minor: Patience reports that the Consort’s Youth Quest is underway. More information about the Quest can be found at or in your email.
  • The cost of running the Baronial election came in at $3.50 more than Kassandra had hoped, which is not bad.  The Exchequer just filed her closing report for the quarter; not much happened, but we hope there will be more activity soon.
  • Anezka continues to hold Heraldic Office Hours.  The link was posted to the Baronial list yesterday.  She is also looking for a replacement, so if you are interested in being Baronial Herald, speak up!
  • Eowyn, speaking as Historian, reports on the relocation of the archives.  Much thanks to Eva Woodrose for hosting them, but this arrangement is temporary — we need a new home in 6 months.  
  • Aaradyn, the Deputy Historian, continues with an archives project update.  A decision has been taken that the Baronial archives should be focused on the Barony, so items such as Pikestaffs and Compleat Anachronists will be preserved digitally, if at all.   This new focus should help us reduce the bulk of our archives by between 10% and 15%, so perhaps we will need only two or two-and-a-half shelving units.  (Shelves are 2-3′ deep, 5′ wide, 7′ tall.)  Please reach out soon if you can help provide space!
  • Zohane reports that the fencers are discussing resumption of practices, but have not yet made a decision.  
  • Arngeirr reports that Thrown Weapons continues to hold practices at both Carlisle and Framingham; please come sign up and throw, more people are welcome.
  • Catarina has no particular A&S news, as she is occupied with mundane final exams.  She would like to have occasional A&S nights at the Framingham fighter practice, if occupancy restrictions allow.  The online Laurel’s Challenge and Exhibition will take place at the end of this month; Sunday May 16 is the deadline to submit your materials (the entry deadline has already passed). 
  • Secretary: Ysabel notes that she took over as Secretary when Kassandra became Seneschal, and asks if anyone would like to take over soon?  It’s not a difficult job; please let her know if you’d like to take a turn.


  • Crown Tourney Feeder Bid – Simona and Patience have put in a bid and have a formal budget sheet, which is in line with what we discussed earlier.  We may know in mid-June how many feeder tourneys are required, but we don’t know yet.
  • Falling Leaves – Kassandra, reporting for Katla, says this event is going virtual, and will still include the Baronial Investiture. It is scheduled for Sept. 11th. Kingdom has been informed, and we won’t be the first ethereal investiture. Hopefully this will be the last event we’re going to do that way. 

Baronial Orders:

  • Aaradyn, speaking for the Order of the Moon, is not stepping down.  If you have something to discuss, please use the Order’s mailing list.  Carrier pigeons are not recommended for communications, as falcons have moved in to the graveyard next door to her house.
  • Perseus: Pandaulf is also not stepping down.  Please keep your eyes open for candidates for the Order.

Representatives of the Guilds and Activities:

  • Kendrick reports that you must pre-register for any in-person events, as attendance is strictly limited.
  • Peter reports that Archers are making quivers, let him know if you’d like to participate.  He found a Champion’s Favor at the bottom of the Champion’s Quiver; it washed up nicely and will be conveyed to Richard.  Tasha offers assistance with supplies and tools for leatherworking.
  • Symon reports that Low Company is thinking about outdoor game options.
  • Fortunata reports that RMR is continuing to study Greek hands, and may do something at the next virtual Knowne World Heralds and Scribes.


  • Etain says that University of Atlantia will have registration in May and take place in June:
  • Caterina is now the Barony’s Social Media Officer! with an official email address for her new office!
  • Richard is excited about heraldic display!  Come to Heraldic office hours!
  • Margreta is leaving us for Atlantia next week.  Bye-bye, we will all miss you!  Atlantia won’t know what hit them.

Unofficially, we’re done!  See you in June.