Missive from their Excellencies – A Note on Inclusivity

Hello,We have some thoughts on inclusivity that we would like to share with the Barony.  

When Thomas and I stepped up, we spoke of including all people, regardless of race, age, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, abilities, or gender.
We in the Society come from a lot of different walks of life. We are a diverse lot, and our group has long been a haven for those who live on the edges of “normal” society. Some have a more conventional route, and some have a much less typical path, but that diversity makes us great. One of our greatest strengths, comes from educating ourselves about different skills and ancient knowledge, but an even greater strength comes from educating ourselves about different people. It not just that diversity, but also how we handle it, that that makes our community better. I have been a part of many fandoms and communities that were purposeless or even toxic. Our society draws a great strength from not just its diversity but also its principles. The SCA recreates “above all the chivalric ideals of the Period”*.  
For those unfamiliar, the chivalric ideals as laid out by Phillip III, Duke of Burgundy, are: 
Faith, Charity, Justice, Sagacity, Prudence, Temperance, Resolution, Truth, Liberality, Diligence, Hope, and Valor**

We have an amazing ability to respect the different names, cultures, and backstories that we create in our society.  We learn difficult spellings, such as Gaelic names with extra consonants, or unfamiliar pronunciations.  We give and use titles both self generated, or bestowed by the crown.  We listen to, and respect backstories for characters that have sprung like Athena, from our heads.

We show each other greatness by respecting those choices and honoring the titles and persona we have in the society.  So I move that it also behooves us to respect the different titles of gender, the differences of religion, the limitations of age or ability, and of other limitations in privilege that people are subject to.  The effort to respect all of these things is the same effort it takes to respect the titles, persona, and names of our society.  ONLY, it is a greater virtue to respect these facets of difference, because they are qualities that an individual cannot control.  

To share with each other, those things we desire to be and those things we truly are, takes a great leap of faith and much valor, it makes us vulnerable.  But when that trust is reciprocated it shows us to have be living our best truth which is full of generosity (liberality) and charity.  So let us walk a path that is based on temperance with each other.  It takes much wisdom to build a society that will be resilient in the future but I believe we have the diligence to do so.  

-Yours in Service
Raziya & Thomas

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