Council Minutes – November 2, 2020

Council Minutes – November 2, 2020

Seneschal Kassandra Aiantide says: Welcome to November.  This being the day before the election, you may be under a certain amount of stress.

Results of Bylaws amendment vote: The amendment passes, 16 to 1.

The “Official” Baronial Facebook Page has been created and is ready for primetime. If you have an activity you’d like shared on it, just let Kassandra or Caterina know.   The relationship between the new official page and old unofficial group is discussed by the assembled Council.

Update on Baronial Coronets: The old set has made it from Their Excellencies to Kassandra by way of Carlisle, and from here will head on to a jeweler, as previously discussed.

Officers of the Barony:

  • Baron Thomas of Effingham and Baroness Raziya bint Rusa do not have a statement today.
  • Chatelaine:  Baroness Isabelle de Montreuil Sur Mer sends word that the next Newcomer Night will be Monday November 16th at 7pm via Zoom Meeting link:
  • Chancellor Minor:  Lady Fiore di Bardi says that not only have we lost no children, she is aware that several of them are doing interesting things.
  • Chronicler:  Baron Kendrick del Grenewode says that the Minuscule is being put together, but contains no events.  With the current state of things in MA, events before Spring are unlikely.
  • Dancemistress: Lady Aelia Fortunata sends word that there will be no dance thingie this month.  Stay tuned for December!
  • Golden Gryphon Pursuivant: Anezka of Carolingia will hold Heraldic Office Hours this Tuesday evening 11/10 on Meet, as usual.
  • Historian:  Mistress Eowyn Eilownwy of Alewife Brook says that the Mitgaard web site still exists, although that Borough has been inactive for years.  She has arranged to have it archived, and has begun working with Symon on archives of other digital and online materials.
  • Marshal of Archery:  Master Peter the Red says that many people have been attending Archery Practice over the past several months. We have successfully managed socially distant archery.  We also had a successful Carolingian Archery Competition.  The results have been tallied, and videos are being produced to show everyone what happened.  Their Excellencies will then pick their Champion.  Here follows a summary of the results of the Competition:  
    • Carolingian Summary:
      • Mutton 5
      • Sheep Collected 21
      • Beasties 39
      • 19 Archers
    • Stonemarche Summary:
      • Mutton 2
      • Sheep Collected 10
      • Beasties 14
      • 6 Archers
  • Marshal of Fence: Lord Zohane Farber says that Remy’s classes continue; next month’s topic will be deception.
  • Marshal of Thrown Weapons:  Lord Arngeirr Refskegg continues to hold practice in Framingham/Carlisle so long as the weather permits.  He plans to move to Quintavia in a few weeks, but is willing to continue in this Carolingian office if we wish to have him.

Principals of the Baronial Orders:

  • Moon:  Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot says to keep an eye out and recommend candidates as appropriate.

Representatives of the Guilds and Activities:

  • Calligraphers: Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot notes that the Guild has an extensive lending library, so let her know if you’d like to borrow something.
  • Jongleurs (Waytes):  Lady Ysabel da Costa notes that the Waytes have continued to have hybrid (onsite and online) meetings at irregular intervals during the past month. 
  • Low Company:  Master Justin du Coeur says to ping him if you want to play online games.
  • Needleworkers:  Lady Fiore di Bardi says they will meet on Nov. 19th at 6:30:  In her role as EK A&S Champion, she is available to consult for your entry in the upcoming Kingdom A&S Champs.  Also, Lady Melisandre has heroically retrieved the perennially incomplete Carolingian Tapestry, and will deliver it to Fiore soon.


Justin says that Arisia will take place online, MLK Weekend in January.  ExtraCon will take place online also, last weekend in February, featuring Heather Dale and i Sebastiani.

Aaradyn says that Boscone will also be online, featuring artwork from several SCAdians and other fun things.

Fortunata says, go vote tomorrow!  If you are nervous about SCOTUS things and want to get married soon, she knows things and can help.

The next meeting of Council will take place on Monday, December 7.  Kassandra bangs her invisible gavel and adjourns the meeting.